Sensory Neural Hearing Lose Left Ear told today

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Hi Already got OA and Early Glaucoma and Barratts Osophagus (severe Gerd Stomach Osophagus).

Today told Covid Booster last week caused this permanent severe hearing loss One Ear can cause Balance issues.

Any advice eg a Versus type Def organisation.How to investigate hearing aids.Poor financially live Scotland so should get badic NHS aid free gratefull 5 Week wait Audiologist said today.Are NHS aids good ? if not are Sprcsavers any good? Currently course 10 Steroids a day : Prednisolone hate tablet taking.

GP not that informative.Is it difficult to get NHS to remove EarWax as they used too other ear as GP I saw had no idea.Desperstely need a reliable reputable Organisation informing me not The Internet Lottery information.I am an amateur musician Guitar learning Was! On line Rhythm Dance Band Guitar ceased tem since last week.Any recommendations on Headphones the large type for a mobile phone No PC also told use ? What Bluetooth ???with a Hearing aid wirelessly for phone conversations and my class online ?

Thanks Galaxy A12