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I’ve just switched from methotrexate tablets to metoject pen!

can I switch back to tablets when travelling, thus saving carrying the pens on a flight etc and all that it entails? - or is this a bad idea


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    I don't think anyone has ever suggested this @MichelleW in the time I've been moderating. I would imagine it's something to discuss with your Rheumatology team. What i will say though is travelling with needles is not as uncommon as you think. Lots of people also have conditions like diabetes so airlines are well used to it.

    See this thread:

    Best of luck and carry on enjoying your holidays.


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    Hi @MichelleW nice to meet you😊

    I think I posted on that thread Ellen has linked in for you. Travelling with medication like this is easier than you think.

    My gut feeling is that you've switched to the pen for a reason and that might be nausea? You don't want to feel sick on your holiday.

    Best of luck

    Toni x

  • Hi, I took my pens to Mexico a few years ago and just packed them in my hand luggage but I had a bit of a skin reaction on my thigh. I told my consultant about it as I do go on a few holidays and he said if it’s a week or two just go without if I wanted, so I did, didn’t have any problems, but obviously check with your consultant

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    Hi @Johanna830

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