Sleeping after hip replacement

Hi I am trying to gather as much information as I can in case (as seems likely at some point in the not very distant future) I have to have a hip replacement. It is something I have been trying to avoid for some years as I have a real dread of surgery and hospitals.

I live on my own and the stairs in my house are steep and I know I would not feel safe going up and down stairs on my own. There is a downstairs toilet/bathroom so I could, in theory, stay downstairs. However, the house is small and there is really no room to put a bed so I was wondering if it is possible to sleep either in an armchair or a recliner chair after a hip replacement.

Alternatively, an armchair that converts to a bed would be a possibility but I can't find one online. Has anyone heard of/seen or bought a chair that converts to a bed?




  • Baloo
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    When my arthritis made me sleep in a chair for a while, I found an office chair was easier to get out of than a recliner. Also I wanted a decent neck pillow. My pump up airline pillow served well until it sprung a leak and went flat. I was able to make do with what I already had. I seem to be lucky that way.