Covid booster

Is stopping methotrexate for just one week after covid booster ok or do I need to wait two.worried about flare ups


  • jamieA
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    Hi @LollyC

    The recommendation from the 2022 VROOM study is to stop for two weeks after the injection.

  • MrDJ
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    i would suggest to play it by ear. if you are supseptable to flare ups then one week is better than none but two weeks is better than one. some people dont stop their mtx at all but then i guess the jab didnt have time to take hold properly.

    for jab 8 and 9 i stopped for 2 weeks. jab 8 i had no noticable feelings but the last one the weather was much colder and wet this year and on week 2 i felt a few niggles building. week 3 i took my 20mg again then had my 6 weekly infusion a week after that so once again ive had my 3 weeks protection and now have none again :(