New diagnosis of Dupuytren’s contracture and Ledderhose disease

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edited 28. Nov 2023, 14:11 in Living with arthritis

Hi All,

The Dupuytren’s is not so problematic at the moment and can also be operated on in the future to ease symptoms hopefully.

My feet however, are a different story! They are so painful and other than paracetamol there is little I can do to ease the pain. To date I’ve not been offered alternative pain relief and cannot take standard ibuprofen based relief as I also have dodgy kidneys.

My question is how do you find suitable footwear and inserts? Is there a specialist store as I don’t trust buying this type of thing online at least until I’ve found something that works? My walking boots are the most comfortable footwear I have. Obviously can’t wear them everywhere and party season is fast approaching!

Thank you