Availability of treatments for Covid Infection in the clinically vulnerable

There’s been quite a lot on social media sites regarding availability of covid treatments.

I've certainly felt quite anxious about whether or not help would be there if/when I needed it.

Although things differ across various parts of the UK, I’m pleased to report that my experience in NE Hants has been very good.

After nearly 4 years of being really careful and never showing positive on a PCR, I have finally succumbed to Covid.

I contacted my GP this morning to let them know I’d just had a strongly positive LFT and to ask what the procedure was for acquiring antivirals if they were needed.

They gave me the number for the local Covid Medicines unit, which seems to be at our local Big Hospital. The call handler took some details re onset of symptoms and vulnerability and said a doctor would phone me back to assess. He did so within a couple of hours and we had a short conversation about my meds and health conditions. He offered me a course of Paxlovid and someone from pharmacy called me an hour later to tell me the meds will be delivered to the house tomorrow.

I am greatly reassured that help IS out there for those of us who meet the criteria, and it wasn’t that difficult to access. Actually, the most time consuming part was filling in the online triage form for the GP!

It’s good to know antivirals are on their way.


  • Ellen
    Ellen Moderator Posts: 1,565

    That's great to hear @BettyMac

    Not great that you have tested positive, but great that you are getting your antivirals.

    Thanks too for offering this reassurance to other clinically vulnerable people.

    Best of luck and I hope that you get well very very soon.


  • BettyMac
    BettyMac Member Posts: 200

    Thank you for your good wishes, Ellen

    People have certainly been experiencing a lot of anxiety about this.

    Unfortunately, there are still parts of the UK where CEV are still experiencing problems in accessing anti-virals.

  • LJU
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    BettyMac, I do hope that you are better now?

    I have had Covid too, around the same time as you and also got the paxlovid.

    The treatment did seem to help and I felt better however having to forgo all of my NSAIDs resulted in a great deal of pain and loss of mobility. I did find taking extra amitriptyline meant I slept a little better though. I’m now back on my usual regime and am hoping that I’ll have my normal mobility back soon.

    I’m unsure whether if I caught covid again I would take the paxlovid? I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience?

  • chrisb
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    Hi @LJU  

    Welcome to the versus arthritis forum. 

    I note that you took Paxlovid which appeared to help with your Covid. 

    Using a quick search of recent posts I found this dialogue which you may find useful:


    I hope you receive some useful input from forum members to help you decide what to do if faced with the same scenario again. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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  • BettyMac
    BettyMac Member Posts: 200

    Hi LJU

    I’m feeling back to normal now, thanks.

    Hope you’re feeling better too.

    I felt Paxlovid worked really well for me. I didn’t get The Cough, though my husband, who didn’t have Pax, did - rather badly.

    The worst thing about the antivirals was the awful taste in my mouth - and the size of the pills!

    Had a few doses of paracetamol but didn’t notice any changes in how I usually deal with this analgesic.

    After I finished the Paxlovid, a few days later, started getting faint positive covid tests again - and a bit of a sore throat - but I’m pleased to say it all sorted itself out in time for Christmas.

    And now I’m back on my usual meds and the beginnings of a flare seem to have subsided.

    I had begun to relax about Covid in the autumn but am now masking again in all indoor public places as it’s not something I want to catch again.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year when it comes.