Osteoarthritis of ankle - how to manage aching at night in the early hours?!

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Hi! I'm a new member! I'm Mike, an active 69 year old living south of Watford UK.I used to do a lot of long distance running , up to about 10 years ago; I had to stop running as I'd worn away my left ankle cartilage, and had bone-on-bone arthritis. I had a successful Left Total Ankle Replacement at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) in December 2016; this is managing ok and I am pretty pain free; the consultants are monitoring some cysts which have formed . I have a yearly scan and review of both ankles at the RNOH ( I now try and keep fit in the gym with non-ankle impact exercises eg cycling, light weights etc ),

I also have some Osteoarthritis more recently developed in the right ankle, with some bony growths (my so called 'good' ankle;) which I am trying to address, hopefully without surgery!. RNOH advise me it is at a fairly early stage ; it hasn't changed much in the last year; and that I'm a long way from surgery I try and do some regular mobility and strengthening exercises and for a lot of the time I can continue with normal activity However.... so far whatever I do I always wake up about 5:30 am with my right ankle aching ( Left ie the replaced ankle gives me no discomfort at night). I understand these night-time symptoms are common for osteoarthritis. If anyone has some good tips how to ,manage the early hours discomfort that is appreciated!? I Most definitely want to explore ALL the conservative measures before even thinking of surgery.