Waiting on a diagnosis - any advice on painkillers?

My GP suspects I have inflammatory arthritis and I've been referred to rheumatology in a few weeks time.

The pain I have is mainly in my fingers but while waiting for my hospital appointment my elbows now feel like they are on fire as well. Paracetamol and ibuprofen aren't doing anything for me. Is there any other pain medication anyone can suggest that I can buy while I wait for my appointment to see if I do have inflammatory arthritis?



  • Welsh1
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    You should have been given something stronger like Naproxen with ppis to protect your stomach

  • Ellen
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    Good morning @JaneAusten

    I don't think I've seen you posting before so just wanted to welcome you to the online Community. I see you are waiting to see a rheumatologist and are struggling with your elbows.

    I suggest a return visit to your GP if you are in too much pain. They can prescribe something stronger as @Welsh1 says.

    I very much hope your appointment is very soon.

    Best wishes