New friends

Hi everyone

I am Jan, I have Anykylosing spondylitis,I got diagnosed last year, I am 64.

my husband is my carer.

i live in Northumberland and love talking photos when I can get out.

i did have other hobbies but not able to do them.

i am friendly, outgoing, sense of humour, well you have to with this condition.

i lost friends when i got diagnosed with this condition as people who don’t have it are not understanding but if you fancy a chat, coffee, and enjoy photography, short walks, nature.

please get in touch.

thank you


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    Hi Jan,

    I think, on here, you can see us all as your vìrtual friends. Getting together for activities is a bit problematic, though. I have a couple of friends from here whom I have met in the flesh but I think those days are behind us now. We still phone and email each other but live much too far apart for get togethers.

    If you go to 'Recent Posts' you'll find 'Val's Cafe' somewhere near the top. It's a virtual cafe where you can meet up with virtual friends. I'm sure you'd be welcome. Just jump in as with any other thread.

    I know there are, or have been, photographers on the forum. Mr SW and I used to go for walks in the countryside where I'd walk some and then ride some in my wheelchair. I used to get ejected for the steep bits😆

    Happy hunting!

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