New member - arthritis flare up after having kids

HI everyone, I'm new to this forum and thought I'd post my story in case anyone has had a similar experience and can give any advice

I was diagnosed with JIA aged 11 following years of eye problems. It only affected one joint - my right knee - and was never a massive problem. It came and went for a few years then i went into remission for a long time. I'd almost forgotten about it!

I am 39 and have recently had two children. My JIA has flared up in the same knee joint worse than its ever been, and then appeared in my left knee too. Lots of swelling and stiffness, but not much pain thankfully. The main issue i have is lack of mobility with the kids, and some days i struggle to walk (major problem given i dont drive due to eye problems!)

I've had steroid injections twice now that have given some relief but the swelling just keeps coming back. I will soon be starting on methotrexate.

My question is, has anyone else had flare ups following having children? or perhaps approaching age of perimenopause? Should i wait and see if it clears up on its own before starting methotrexate? Does anyone have any tips for reducing swelling and stiffness - exercise, supplements, ibuprofen, turmeric etc?




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    Hi and oh yes!!! I started with what would now be called JIA at 15. Back then, if you got RA before 16, it was Stills Disease. Flared horribly after both my sons' births. From what I've heard, this is quite normal. In fact many start with RA after their first child is born. Hormones/ Dunno.

    My only tip is to contact your rheumatology helpline for a meds tweak which you clearly have done. Remember meth can take 3 months to work. Have they offered oral steroids to tide you over? Definitely exercises (only gentle R.O.M. ones when flaring) and accept any help on offer.

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