Planning with arthritis. #1. Daily checklist.

I think my toughest challenge has always been how to get something done, and its worse with arthritis. After much experimentation it looks like using a daily checklist will help me get there.

I split my daily tasks into sections like kitchen, settee, work luggage which seem to take all day and still end up in a mess. And then launch into a checklist after tea. Like its kitchen: wash up, clean sink, check fridge (every shelf). Settee: tidy clothes, tidy equipment, tidy the mail. Luggage: tidy the sandwich boxes, charge the gadgets.

Once I set to I ignore the evening flare up and the urge to zombie out, and just run through ticking off the list, in a fairly brainless gut slogging way and after that I seem to be lucky enough to fall into bed earlier than usual and get some rest.

There is a lot less to do come the weekend.



  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,208

    Gosh @Baloo I am impressed you are incredibly motivated to get everything done. I am a one for giving in and collapsing when i need to, but your method will make the next day easier.

    Toni x

  • Baloo
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    My tidying up checklist is still working

    Having two levels seems to be the best kind, like this, as it can be ticked off in sections if I end up wanting to skip them until tomorrow, or end up needing to leave some of them in until later for a second go.

    Settee: Mail, Clothes, Equipment

    Luggage: Pills, Gadgets charged, Lunch boxes.