I started on 20ml of prednisolone yesterday reducing to 5 in four weeks, due to pain and stiffness in my knees and hands.

I was wondering, and I know we're all different, how long it takes to "kick in" please



  • EJayne
    EJayne Member Posts: 4

    I found it was very quick and effective- the problem is when you stop at the end of the course. To maintain the relief I think you will need other medication.


  • I will have, it's while I wait for methotrexate thanks

  • mosborn11
    mosborn11 Member Posts: 23

    I found it was maybe a day or so. For me it brought the swelling down really well. Hope it helps!

  • Woofy
    Woofy Member Posts: 254

    It’s magic stuff, and should help you within a week. Unfortunately you can’t stay on it long term.