Mixed diagnosis sciatica and osteoarthritis of the hip

I recently had severe pains in my right leg and they continued for 4 weeks and now gradually getting less particularly with the help of gabapentin. My physiotherapist concluded it was sciatica and that there may have been problems in my back as well. At the same time my GP ordered an x-ray and it showed that I've got mild osteoarthritis of the hip. At this stage it's unclear whether I've got sciatica and osteoarthritis or whether the osteoarthritis is causing the pain. Has anyone else got experience of this situation?



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    Hi. I thought I had sciatica or something really wrong with my lower back. The pain radiated from the lower back to my thighs and I couldn't walk straight. My husband had sciatica from a slipped disk and he described the same pain as I had. I was diagnosed with OA in hips and my consultant said that pain from the back is a very common symptom. I've had a hip replacement and the pain has fully dissappeared. I can't believe I can walk without pain in my back. I'd recommend you to go to a specialist and investigate further. Good luck