Biologic - Adalimumab

Morning all,

After some experience on the Biologic Adalimumab. Really hoping it works for me.

Methotrexate - Made me really poorly for 2 days after taking.

Leflunomide - Gave me really high blood pressure.

Sulfasalazine - Still using but doesn't seem to be very effective.

Booked in for bloods and x-rays, hopefully start on Adalimumab by the end of Feb. Get pain / swelling in fingers, wrist and more recently neck and shoulders.

Fatigue is a big problem for me too. From someone who was very active 3 years ago, to someone who is not....

Many thanks


  • jamieA
    jamieA Member Posts: 657

    Hi @Wall_Watcher

    I also have PsA. I've been on Amgevita - an adalimumab biosimilar since July 2021. I'm also on sulfasalazine and MTX. I started out on sulfasalazine and like you it didn't seem to have any positive effect on me. MTX was added and it also didn't help though it left me with significant fatigue either the day after or two days after. Amgevita was then added and the combination of the three drugs has helped considerably. My rheumatologist says the combination gives a greater effect than each individually - what she termed as 1+1+1>3. I think the technical term is synergistic. I did try reducing my sulfasalazine last year and had a flare which she said proves the theory.

    When I was put on Amgevita I couldn't close my hands, move my shoulders much and walked with 2 elbow crutches. Within 3 weeks I could feel a difference and after 2 months I was able to hand back my crutches. I'm not cured by any means but I'm far more functional than I was and can walk my dog 50-60kms a week - albeit with a limp.

    I know we are all different and what works for one may not work for another but adalimumab has helped me significantly. I hope it does for you too.