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Hi I'm new to this group. I'm 62 and have had diagnosis of osteoarthritis in my hands, ac joints and spondylitis in my neck. The ac joints and neck don't give me much issue at the moment but my hands do. I'm very active both physically at work and in the garden. A while ago I had a "squishy" strawberry which I did hand exercises with. After the initial extra pain it really started to help and increased movement. The strawberry has died and I'm struggling to replace it. I've bought a couple of exercise balls online but they have all been too hard and too small. Has any one any suggestions of what I can use and where to get them from. I feel I need to test squeeze so Internet isn't much use.



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    Hi @PaulineH

    About 9 months after I was first diagnosed I saw an occupational therapist. She suggested exercise putty which she gave me. It's a bit like playdough in texture but not messy. She also gave me hand exercises I do every day. Simple things like touching your thumb to each fingertip in turn and waving your fingers in a rolling motion. I've also got a stress ball which I use - you can get them in different strengths. I've also got a spiked ball I can use on both my hands and feet. The putty, spiked ball and stress ball can be found on Amazon.

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    hi @PaulineH

    As @jamieA said.

    I still use both my exercise balls and therapy putty 4 years after my trapeziectomy. The balls are from a well known online site and comes in a pack of 3 strengths and egg shaped/sized to fit into my hand. Easy to squash and squeeze whenever you're sat with idle hands. The putty comes from the same site and in a pack of 4 strengths. You use it like play doh, squashing, squeezing, pulling, tearing again whenever you're sat with idle hands. Start with the lowest strength - usually yellow and work up to the next level if you think it's too easy. The best thing is, if you're having a flare you just go down a level or two. Best things I ever bought!.

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx

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    Hi @PaulineH - just wanted to welcome you to the online community,

    I see you’ve already received some useful responses from our members about hand exercise balls. There’s a few exercises on the link below that you also might like to have a look at:

    Best wishes,

    Anna ( Moderator)

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    I agree. The putty is absolutely brilliant. I also use the exercises the OT gave me and I have splits too. I've been waiting for my op for a year now. Afraid the guitar and piano have been given the shift for the moment and my goldwork embroidery has gone - but I can still do cross stitch! Keep going with the exercises.

  • Hi, has anyone had a trapeziectomy and suspension plasty? I think I may need to go down this route soon 😮

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    Hi @stellamaria

    I had a trapeziectomy in 2020. Best surgeon ever. Now having unrelated issues in the same hand and hope to see the same surgeon.

    I've it years if a suspension plasty so can't comment

    Trish xx

  • Thanks for your reply @Trish9556. Spoke to consultant tonight and could have operation at the end of the month.

    Mainly scared about the pain afterwards.

    Hope you get your hand sorted soon.



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    Hi @stellamaria

    You should be fine after your trapeziectomy as long as you do as you're told - if in doubt, get the surgeon to write down what you can and can't do afterwards before discharge as you'll probably still be high on painkillers.

    Good Luck, message me if you need any help afterwards

    Trish xx