Hi. I have osteoarthritis in my feet (as well as in one knee and TKR in the other). I'd like recommendations on best footwear to help with the significant pain please. I wear Skechers but my podiatrist doesn't really rate them. There are so many articles on the internet, I'd like to hear some specific examples or brands people have bought that have helped. Thanks 😊



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    Hello @Hjn welcome to the online community

    Care of our feet and supportive footwear is an important factor to get right when we are living with arthritis. Our mobility or lack of it impacts on our whole wellbeing so we are grateful to you for your question and the chance to revisit this discussion thread among our members.

    I attach some links about OA of the feet which I hope you will find helpful

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    If you click on the magnifying glass symbol top right and write shoes into the search bar you will find some useful posts from members. Let us know how you get on in your quest for the most supportive pair of shoes.

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    I have mid foot OA and wear Alegria shoes/boots. They have a thick rocker sole. Have worn these for years as I’m on my feet all day at work. They are stocked by Cheerfull Soles, Legend footwear (more limited selection but often cheaper) and there’s an Alegria Uk site. Saw podiatrist last week and was wearing them and he thought they were excellent but hadn’t heard of them.