Tocilizumab- how long till it works?


Hi there, I am new to this

I have RA and am going through the process of finding a medicine that works for me. I had a reaction to Rituximab so now on Tocilizumab. I have had 1 infusion.. not noticed anything noticeably different as yet. Was wondering how long before it kicks in . Also what pain meds have ppl taken in the meantime. TIA


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    Hello @Binabee and welcome to the online community,

    Tociluzimab is one of a number of biological therapies that are used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. As you’re finding out, sometimes it takes a while and a few changes in medication before you find which one suits you. Tociluzimab usually takes between three to six months to really start to take effect, but sometimes you can feel a difference after a few weeks. Here’s some information about the drug that might be helpful:

    Other members may join in with their experience of biologics, meanwhile do ask any more questions you may have.

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    Hi there, I recently started Tocilizumab but as a weekly auto injection. I had a severe allergic reaction to Adalimumab last year that cause severe psoriasis and hypertension, hence the new biological. I had a different experience from you in that with both drugs I noticed small changes inside the 1st 2 weeks, which built up fast. Sadly after 7 weeks on Tocilizumab it has thrown me into liver function problems and I have been ordered to stop it this week (I only managed 5 weeks on Adalimumab). It was working really well on some of my joints, but a slow burner on the others although they are improving. I suspect I may have unusual reactions to the drugs though, as my doctors have said I respond faster than expected. Hopefully you will start to feel changes soon, and manage not to have the liver problems - good luck!