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I am experiencing symptoms of RA which include elbow pain (both), ankle pain (both - previously diagnosed as achillies tendonitis and one of which has lumps) and knee pain (both).

My elbows hurt when I push/pull/lift an object; such as getting dressed, drinking tea, opening a door. And when pushing my glasses further up my face.

The areas are red but not swollen, except for my right ankle. I don't always have pain in, for example, both elbows at the same point in the day, but I do have the pain usually in both elbows for some length of time during each day.

I am already diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and have heard that the two have a high comorbidity. I have been taking CBD for the Fibro for about 2 years now, although I think I may need to stop, because it can interact with medication in the same way grapefruit can.

I am also diagnosed with a mental illness.

I have had a very difficult time with the NHS in the past. I am reluctant to go to them and distrustful in general. It's hard enough just posting this message on a forum, if I'm honest.

Anyway. My plan is to purchase a Rheumatoid Factor blood test, to see if I can get some kind of picture of things, before going to my GP.

I understand no one here can diagnose me, but does my condition sound at all similar to anyone here with RA? Please be gentle with me.



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    Hi what would be your plan if you are found to have RA meds? Are the tests effective

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    If I was found to have RA, I would try the meds. I couldn't afford a private consultation, so I would need to go to the GP.

    I have no way of knowing whether the tests are effective or not. Just going off the website I found, there seems to be only an 80% likelihood if you have RA that you will show up on the RF test.

    I hate the thought of going to a Rheumatologist. I hate the thought of having a discussion about this with my GP. I would bank on the test, if it were positive, to prompt me to go, however.

    The test costs £55 which is a lot of money for me.