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Hello, This is my first post so I hope I do it right - and I hope everyone is doing ok out there.

I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this… I have been having increasing pain in my hips over the last several years and finally went for xrays which revealed that there is almost no cartilage at all - on either of my hips - this seems to me it would explain my pain and increased difficulty in walking. However when I saw a registrar, (who was standing in for the consultant), he said that my pain was not typical of osteoarthritis and that I should have a steroid injection in the hip for diagnostic purposes. I am fine with needles but the description of the procedure was somewhat alarming and I do wonder why this should be necessary? Has anyone been told they MUST have this in order to confirm a diagnosis of hip OA? And I wonder why my symptoms are not typical? I would be so grateful for anyone's experience / advice.

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    Welcome @RachelP to the online community

    You have been diagnosed with OA in your hips and it has been suggested that you have steroid injections. Certainly steroid injections help numbers of people although they do not work for everyone. For those it helps it can be a good interim relief whilst waiting for surgery. Lots of our members have shared their experiences of hip OA and you will find their conversations and daily diaries provide some very helpful information. Go to the small magnifying glass top right and type in hip and you can access numerous posts from members.

    I attach some VA information sheets as well.

    We are glad you found us and hope that you will soon get some tips and advice from our members. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

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    I am in the same position I have had increasing pain in right buttock for the last year and half had MRI showed bulging disc's in back and dysplasia in both hips very bad on right side which is where the pain is. Had injection in spine first to rule out that my back was the cause of pain - no improvement. Have seen a hip surgeon he said i had bilateral dysplasia . I don't have groin pain which is common with arthritis I only have buttock pain. Can't walk very far and very painful sitting. He advised cortisone injection as part of diagnosis- if pain goes away it is coming from my hip. Had injection on Monday still in pain so will see what he says on Tuesday when I have my next consultation. I have been told injections sometimes don't work. Also getting the injection was not painful had a bit of increased pain after.

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    Hi @RachelP

    I have had many steroid injections over my arthritis journey and only one has had any effect. The last one on my hip. This was carried out as a guided injection by an excellent young man in a private hospital (sent here as part of the NHS choices scheme which allows you to choose where you get treated be it private or NHS and not have to pay for it). This actually worked for about 4 weeks and proved my hip was bad (x-rays on the right didn't show anything wrong, x-rays on the left proved my hip was bad but I only get pain in the right!).

    I remain however, convinced that these are just another delaying tactic exactly the same as GP - MSK - Hospital/GP rather than the old system where GP's could refer you directly to the right department. This whole process in itself can take a year from onset of pain/symptoms. Hopefully the MSK team you're referred to assigns you to a good Physio who know's what they're doing as well as I have experienced some very bad physios too.

    Trish xx