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hi im a newbie here i was diagnosed 2005 with rh arthur as i seeen some of you call it i am on metho 20 and hydroxyshloroquine 200g folic acid 5mg i live with my 13 year old daughter who has been my rock some of the things she has to do for me as i child is fantastic i have it in both shoulders, both knees , couple of my fingers and couple of toes i think it is in my feet as walking is very painful but i just have to keep going i work four days a week and it keeps me sane as it times i feel like giving up then i come on here and read what other people like myself experieance and it helps


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    hi im a newbie here i was diagnosed 2005 wi

    Hi Honey
    Just thought i would welcome you to the site. yes it can be a good sauce of insperation and the folks on here are so helpful.
    Glad to hear your coping ok and still doing a bit. Take care and i'm sure we will chat soon.
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    Hi Honey
    Nice to have you here!! Hope you find this site as supportive and informative as I do. :)
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    Hi Honey,

    Just wanted to say 'Hello and welcome'.

    I'm a rheumatoid and my sons grew up having to do alot to help me over the years. They're now in their 20's and I think it's made better people of them because they're more aware of disability and other people's needs. :D Good can often come from bad :wink:

    Luv Legs :)
    Love, Legs x
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    Welcome Honey!

    Well said Linda! Good can often come from bad - I have seen that happen, time and time again. Sometimes, not immediately but when one looks back one can see it, plain as plain not only for myself but for others.

    If I had not been made redundant and not had arthritis that started years ago, I would not have found this site and all the great peeps on here. I would not have had the time to befriend some great old folk in my neighbourhood nor be with my mum when she was critically ill for three months and I stayed more in her home than our own.

    You have always looked out for your daighter and at the moment, she is doing the same for you. I expect she is proud to do so.

    Hope to see you posting again and feeling more positive.

    Elna x
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    Hi Honey, just wanted to welcome you, I have had RA for 13 years, I really couldn't manage without my hubbie, he has been wonderful love Jaspercatxx
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    Hi honey
    welcome to the site.
    Rosie x
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    thanx to all that welcomed me hope to get to know you all eventually