Thyroid Problems

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Hi, hope you can help me, I have Severe Reactive RA and am presently taking MXT injections 20mg, I have just been told that I have had thyroid problems for 3 years but it is worse than ever now, I am seeing my gp on monday who is talking about further investigations, but is there any link between MXT and thyroid, or RA with thyroid? I appreicate your advice thanks love Jaspercatxx


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    Hi Jaspercat :D

    I have oa and thyroid problems - well the latter is not a problem now as I take thyroxine and this is checked via a blood test a couple of times a year. I have not been aware that is is connected with arthritis but it is another auto immune disease. I had the thyroid problems in my early teens and an op at the age of 16 to remove a nodular goitre but the oa did not raise its ugly head until I was in my late thirties. I know quite a few women that have been put on thyroxine in their 50's or thereabouts.....

    I expect the helpline will come up trumps for you! Hope your day is going ok for you and your hubby.

    Elna x
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    Hi Jaspercat
    The link between the two auto immune conditions - RA and thyroid problems - has been studied and there may be an increased risk of having both but how relevent this is to you is something to discuss with your GP or rheumy. I hope your GP can sort it out for you today.
    Best wishes