Arcoxia, Etoricoxib, what and how much?

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As you may remember I have had all sorts of probs with my GP.
Out of desperation I paid to see a private GP, which gave me a lot more info, great.
HOWEVER.......he prescribed a change of meds which I took to my GP who said no way, to expensive.
On the script it said Exxiv, I have tracked this to a whole range of anti-inflams, Arcoxia seeming to be top of list.
I would like to know if anyone has tried these and moreover, if they are available on script.

Many thanks


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    Hi gettinby

    I am a member on the site and I do indeed remember that you were having probs with your gp.

    I have been taking Arcoxia (Etoricoxib) 60mg Film-Coated tablets, prescribed by my gp, for a long time now and I get no stomach problems with these. I was on Diclofenac for a couple of years and then started with stomach discomfort so the gp changed my script.

    I take 2 of these 60mg tablets daily, in the morning.

    Arcoxia tablets are available in 4 strengths, 30, 60, 90, 120 mg.

    Hope this info is of help to you,

    I wish you well,

    Best wishes
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    Hello gettinby
    Yes i remember your posts, and your living in spain i think. I can offer no advice only sympathy, your doctor sounds like a right prat. Do you pay for your scripts can you get them here in England and do you still have a GP here i dont know what else to say. Take Care
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    thanks for your replies,
    I was given script for 90mg. I would love to give them a go but it's not looking like I'll be able. However, if you can get them on script in UK I can't see why I can't here.
    I get my scripts free here and don't have a GP in england. You're right, my GP is a double prat with idiot topping so your sympathy is much appreciated.
    I'm not one to give up easy, just a pain having to fight for things when life's hard enough.

    Many thanks and all the best.
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    Hi gettinby
    I remember you've contacted us before & I'm sorry you're still having such problems with your GP.
    You say you get free prescriptions there - if price is a problem to your doctor would getting a private script from him be an option?
    Just a thought.
    Best wishes
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    Hi Val,
    The problem is, if my local GP is the only one who can give me a free script, the private GP can't.
    I can't afford to pay for these so I'm stuck.
    My GP is here under duress, he doesn't want to be here, but he has no choice, he's not a happy bunny. Also, I think this is to do with me going to see a private GP, dented ego.
    I shall usual.
    Many thanks for your time and help, all the best.