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Hi everyone
My name is Anne and have finally plucked up the courage to post on the site, 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Sero Positive RA :( I can't say that in all that time I have been in pain etc because it would not be true, I have had years of being in remission and years when things have gone gradually downhill but I do know that as you get older things are harder. I have gained more knowledge and information in the last few months from all your posts on the site than over the last 10 years. :)


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    Hi Anne

    Welcome to the forum. It is good to know that since you were diagnosed you have had years in remission but not so good to hear that some years have not been that great either and I am sorry.

    This site is brilliant for information and support and please feel free to ask any questions and we will try to help you.

    There is always the chitchat zone too which is very lively and popular.

    Take care
    Elna x
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    Thank you for your Welcome Elna. :D
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    Hello Anne,

    Welcome to the forum.....really glad you 'plucked up the courage' to join us.....but sorry you have RA and all that comes with it.

    Everyone's really friendly and supportive on the forum and I hope you will soon feel that you are part of the family!

    look forward to chatting with you. Irisx
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    Hi Anne welcome to the forum i have r/a and know how difficult it can be, theres allways someone to talk too when you feel up to it pop in to the live chat caffee theres usualy someone around.
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    Hi Anne,
    Welcome to the forum....or maybe madhouse lol ther will always be someone to answer your question
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    Hi Anne,

    Welcome from me as well, they are a nice lot here. Take care Cris
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    Hi Anne and welcome!

    I was diagnosed with JIA (kiddie RA!) when I was 7, but like you, I've had long periods of remission. Each time it relapses, it's like being diagnosed for the first time as treatment has changed so much.

    I am eternally grateful to the person who recommended this forum to me, as I've gained so much more knowledge from the lovely folk here than from any practitioner!

    Lois x
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    Hello Anne,
    Just read your post, welcome too from me to this brilliant forum.
    Have just been diagnosed with R/A . The wonderful kind people on here have been amazing!
    All the best
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    Hi Anne

    You are so welcome :D

    You may have gained information, but sounds like you will have some for us lot too :)

    Lovely to have you on board - welkl done for plucking up the courage :)


    Toni x
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    Hi Anne
    Welcome to the best forum eveyone is friendly
    and helpfull.
    joan xx
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    Hello, Welcome to the site and I'm glad you are getting some help from it already. I know that I have had lots of help and support, people here have all been through the same sort of experiences at some time, which makes it easier to talk, and the advice is so helpful.

    I hope that you will carry on joining in, as I'm sure you have a lot to offer, as well as getting any help you need. I have OA althogh I'm still having tests for a curve in my spine and making sure I still don't have RA! :wink:

    Love Sue