i feel so lucky

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I feel so lucky, at the moment Lucy's condition seems to be controled by the MTX.
We are off steriods and have managed to reduce the painkillers, alough she still needs them at times.
We are now having intence physio and lucy needs insoles to correct the damage done by being untreated for so long.
The doctors are happy, they say she will never be a normal kid, but she good for her and can take part in more than ever before. Lucy still struggles more than my other kids, get's stiff, sore and angry but on the whole feeling better!!

I hope you and your children are feeling well, i keep my fingers crossed for all of you x x x


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    hi lucys mum that is fantastic news i am so happy for both of you it shows that the mxt works in time . Keep well xxjenny
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    Wonderful news. Thanks for letting us know. Long may Lucy continue to get better.
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    hi lucys mum, what great news about your daughter, it is inspiring to see other children improving and being well managed.

    my son is 13 and was put on prednisolone last week and after 6 days we are very pleased with his progress, he is due to start mtx in 2 weeks.
    we are new to this condition and felt full of despair when he was bad with pain, but it seems the steroids are helping a lot.

    i hope lucy continues to feel better.

    clare x
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    it's fab to hear hun :D I'm so pleased she's getting some relief it's about time. How's her anger doing, I know you said it's improving is that cuz she's not in pain or from being helped to deal with it or probs both lol.
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    thanks for all the support guys.
    We are happy with the progress and despite the setbacks she is happier and a little more active!!

    I hope all the kids continue to feel better x x x good luck witht he mtx and steriods x x x keep your chins up, there is light at the end of the tunnel, even if it does seem a long way off and a little dumb!!
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    That's such brilliant news to hear - I have read your posts since Annie was diagnosed and you have both been really through it to get this point. It also so nice to know because Annie is on week 11 of mtx injections and coming slowly off the steroids and I am so hoping for the same result - I dare not hope yet but will feel more positive when we are on a lower dose of steroids. Here's to a new year at school and positive one for you and Lucy. Lucy
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    What lovely news.


    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    HI Lucymum

    I'm so very pleased to read that things have improved for Lucy..

    Marion x