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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself as i am new to the forum.
I'm 27 and have had psoriatic arthritis since i was 17, so a long time sufferer! I've taken every possible medication from sulphasalazine to cyclosporin and every NSAID under the sun! I'm currently taking celebrex and MTX by weekly injection but am hoping to take part in the clinical trial of a new arthritis drug soon.

I'm studying to be a dental therapist at the moment, i think its important to follow your dreams and not become the disease. It is hard to do that though, as there arent many people who understand just how the illness can make you feel, unless they have it themselves.

I dont know anyone else who has the condition, so its nice to read the messages of support given to people, almost makes me proud to be a sufferer :D



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    Hi jenny, I too have PA which is flaring like a mad thing at the moment, despite my being on humira, meth, sulph, naproxen and oral steroids. I had my dream but I am now relinquishing it thanks to the arthritis. I started it at 37 but wasn't put on any meds until I was nearly 42, and wasn't diagnosed until I was 47. I am now 51. I know the anti TNFs work well for some but unfortunately I have not been inlcuded in their number. (humira is my third and probably final attempt). Never mind, I no longer care. Good luck in the research programme, I hope you are able to play your part in developing something new to fight this rubbish. DD
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    hi jenny it is hard for others to understand how much the stiffness and pain affects you we are here for you just post and we will help all we can staying positive is very important you are right there val
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    Thank you

    Everyone on here is so lovely and i am so grateful to have found this site! i am proud of my condition because it makes me who i am, i just wish it wasnt so cruel sometimes :D

    we are all better people for it. Thats what i tell myself anyway

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    Hi Jenny, just wanted to say welcome to the forum from us gents too..

    Hope you're ok and not too cold wherever you are, it's freezing here in Leeds tonight..

    Tony :mrgreen:
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    Hello Jenny and welcome to the forum. Glad you have found us! You are in good company here, with people who really do understand what it's like to have arthritis.

    I'm so pleased that you are able to continue to follow your dreams and I really hope that you get your place in the clinical trial and that it gives you some relief.

    Love Tilly x

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