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My name is Eirian, I'm the Young Arthritis Rep for the Chester Branch of Arthritis Care. I'm 40 and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid and Psoratic Arthritis at 21.

I am seeking to set up a young arthritis group in Chester where younger sufferers can meet up, chat and gain support in dealing with the condition. If anyone is interested, please pop me an email. I would also like to hear from parents who have young children affected.



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    I am 27 and was recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in my feet and knee. I have an active job looking after young children and would appreciate some advice on supportive footwear now the weather is becoming warmer. I have been wearing MBT during the cold weather which are comfortable for me but I need to get something like pumps or sandals that would be ok for everyday wear. Thanks, Lisa.
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    I'm sorry but I dont really have any advice for you regarding footwear. I tend to go for whatever I find comfortable and don't stick to any particular brand.

    There are recent threads on the young people and living with arthritis forums which may be helpful to you.