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Hey - not totally sure what to write so here goes...

My name is Beccy, I am a lawyer and 29 years old. I have advanced Osteo-arthritis of the cervical spine.

18 months ago , C4,5,6&7 were replaced with carbon fibre implants and osteophytes were removed from my spinal cord (I had 8mm spinal cord compression on 3 levels caused by the degradation of the vertebrae). Since then my C3/4 and C7/8 joints have degraded at a surprising rate and C5,6,7 have fused of their own accord leaving only 6 degrees of movement in those joints - it is anticipated that within the year more vertebrae will require replacing (probaly C3 & 8 ).

My spinal cord was scarred and bruised from the osteopyhtes and I now have a condition whereby I get electric shock charges in my back and I have lost substantial feeling in my hands. I have ADHD and it gives me ticks (like a person with tourettes) and it is believed the ticks are the reason my spine has degraded at such an increased rate.

Saying all of the above - I continue to do a lot of exercise, play sports, go to work everyday and I am looking to run my first marathon next year! The exercise is painful but it keeps my mood up :smile: I also have found yoga, shiatsu and massage really beneficial.

Although the pain is awful my main concern is the future - I just dont know how bad it is going to get - but if my spine is like this at 29 then what will it be like at 50? I am sorry if my hello sounds a bit sorry for myself- in truth I am just quite frightened but I find it hard to tell my family and friends how scared I am because I know how much it will upset them and I try to stay positive.

I guess I would really appreciate someone who actually understood how it feels and how painful it is and how scary it is.



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    Hi Beccy,,

    Welcome i love your name.. you had me singing.. :lol:
    Sounds like you are doing a marvelous job being active and doing the things you enjoy..no reason why you should not do these things if your body is letting you..
    Each person is different in how there arthritis affects them so it is hard to say how it will affect you, to be honest i don't think anyone knows, it is kind of unpredictable..
    The best advice i can give and although it may sound lame is to take each day as it comes.. i find looking to far into the future can dampen your spirits so to speak, no-one knows what will happen and worrying about what might or might not be is no good for yourself..Some days your body may feel really sluggish, this is normally a sign to listen and have a rest..
    We are a good bunch on here and more importantly can understand the affects arthur can.. we can talk about this together, ask questions and support..
    I am 32 with 2 children and inflammatory arthritis in various joints and OA in knees and fingers..
    Look forward to seeing you around..
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    Hi Beebopaloo

    Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to read your story. We all have one to tell!!!!! It is no good looking too far ahead although I know it is a worry. I am just over 2 weeks post op after an op on my upper spine, wound on the lefthand side of the neck and wound on left side of hip where they took bone for a bone graft in my spine, fusing some vertebrae and a metal plate inserted, moving the two offending vertebrae away from my spinal cord. Two of my vertebrae were touching my spinal cord which was very thin in that area and the symptoms I have are pins and needles in my hands and not walking as well as I should be, the left leg more noticeably affected. The op has stopped further symptoms occuring but not sure what if any of my symptoms that I already have will decrease or not.

    Why not venture over to the Living with Arthritis forum and copy and paste your thread there - lots of people over there will welcome you. :grin: This is an introduction zone and not so many people call in here.

    You will not feel alone on thi forum. Join in. We do our very best, to help and support each other. We know what it is like on here, whereas family and friends often do not. This is a good place for a rant too. I have been on here about 4 years. I have had two knee replacements and a three toes on one foot dealt with. I have OA.

    See you over in the LWA zone :grin:

    Elna x
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    Thank you both so much for taking the time to respond. I do apologise if I was having a bit of a negative grumble - not really how it started out but somehow it got there!

    I think what you have both said is very true and it is very reassurring to know there are people who feel the same as me!

    Elna - it sounds like me and you have very similar spines so maybe sometime we can exchange the war stories, although it sounds like you have a number of other things to deal with but are staying positive, which is wonderful to see :)

    Smiles and hugs, Beccy

    P.s T - the name is what my dad nicknamed me when I was about 4 - it kinda stuck :)
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    Hi Beebopaloo,

    Welcome, I can't add anything to what the lovely ladies have added except my hello's, and to say you are not alone :wink: .
    See you around on LWA

    Clare xx

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