pregnancy and medication?

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I am activly trying for my second child at the moment and have been told that I don't need to stop my medication and there is no risk. I'm not convinced.

I am on sulfasalazine (6 tablets a day)

I have been advised to take folic acid all the way through the pregnancy. this is my first concern really, why would I need to do this if there is no risk on the medication?

Can anyone help me with advice or knowledge on this?




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    Hi there, Kaz, and welcome.

    I'm afraid my pregnancy days are well and truly over but I do remember the fear of doing or taking anything that might harm the baby so I can relate to you worries.

    I've never taken sulfasalazine but I do take Folic Acid as it can counter some of the side-effects of methotrexate, which I take. I don't know if F.A. is also prescribed with sulfasalazine. It is, I believe, routinely prescribed for the early months of pregnancy to prevent spinal cord problems in the baby.

    Can I suggest that you copy this post to the Living With Arthritis forum? Many more people hang out there and I know we have some young mothers and also people on sulfasalazine though I'm not sure about combinations of the two.

    I hope you can get some answers.
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    Hi Kaz

    just a quick hello and welcome from me!

    Can l wish you all the very best of luck with starting your family.


    Toni xx