Keen cyclist now has Arthritis.

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Hoping for some advice. I am 59 and have been having knee pain since April 2011, 2 weeks ago I had an Arthroscopy on both knees, it was a hell of a shock to be told I have arthritis in both knees. As a keen cyclist I am use to cycling 6 to 8000 miles a year, at present I am finding it very hard to get around and am off, the bike also off work as a engineer, have an app with GP on Fri. Am retireing this July and hoped to be able to lead a active life. Is it possible to carry out long distance cycling with arthritis, any help would be most welcome.


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    Hello Barry and welcome to the forum.

    So sorry about your arthritis diagnosis and no wonder it was a shock for you.

    I think that if you re-post your message on the Living with Arthritis (LWA) forum you will get more replies because most of us look there regularly. We are a friendly bunch, so you will be made very welcome.

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    Hi Barry

    l think l have alreday 'met' you on the LWA forum, but welcome from me too :D

    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx