Hello everyone help choosing thumb splints please

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Hello I am a newbie to the site.I am right at the start of this arthritic journey.I would be really grateful of a little help please.

I have been having many aches and pains and difficulty walking for several years.I've been back and forward to the DR's many times but told theres nothing to see.However I woke up last week unable to put my foot to the floor or use my thumbs.I am awaiting all the test results.I desperately need to find some thing to help my poor thumbs.I can't grip or use them and each morning I wake to find that due to the pain in the night my hands are scrunched up into balls.
I have to go to work and am a single parent with 3 dogs to walk so I need to get going.

Please can someone advise me what is best to buy to support my thumbs and also the big toe and bottom of both feet are killing me.I took the doggies out last night we usually go an hour each day.How I did it is a mystery.I am in agony and can't put my foot to the floor.
Has anyone any advice what aids are the best to get while I wait on all the tests etc.

I'm sorry its a long first post but I am so grtaeful to have found you all.


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    Hello jelly4toes (love the name!) and welcome to the forum.

    The first thing I would say is that, although it is possible to buy splints over the counter, it is not something which I would necessarily advise in case you end up doing more harm than good. Really, it needs to be a physio or occupational therapist who advise you on something like this. I do know that it is not always easy to access these services but it might be worth asking your GP for a referral.

    In terms of things you can do to help yourself while you are waiting for test results etc, you could try buying some soft insoles for your shoes to try to cushion your feet a bit - or to buy some shoes with good cushioning or shock absorbing soles. Trainers are a good option potentially although not at all glamourous unfortunately! Some shops also sell sports socks with cushioned soles and I have found them helpful too. For your thumbs (assuming it is the base of your thumbs which are hurting) you could try tubigrip supports - cut a piece to length, then cut out a hole for your thumb. Clear nail polish applied to the cut edge (if you can do it) will stop it fraying so quickly. When you wake up with your hands screwed up, soaking them in warm water may help to loosen things so you can open and close them a few times to get them moving. (although if you are unable to turn the taps at first, you may need to try the opening and closing before the soaking).

    The other thing I could suggest is some anti-inflammatory gel which you can rub onto your thumb and toe joints. In my experience it can really help to take the edge off the discomfort for a while. Your GP ought to be able to prescribe appropriate painkillers or anti-inflammatories to help to tide you over too so it would be well worth asking. Back to the anti-inflammatory gel for a minute - my GP prescribes Piroxicam Gel for me and it really does help (so long as you don't mind smelling of dead fish :roll: )

    Finally, just to say that if you re-post your message on the Living with Arthritis (LWA) forum I think you will get more replies cos most of us look there regularly. We are a friendly bunch and you will be made very welcome.

    Really hope you get some proper help soon.

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    Hello jelly4toes and welcome from me too. Tillytop is, as usual, spot on with her advice. The only thing I would add is that, if you have a good local disability shop they might be able to help you with something for the thumbs that would tide you over until you get more help. My local one is very good and informative and not at all pushy.
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    Hi Jellytoes

    welcome to the forums from me too :D I hope you will settle in quickly and enjoy them as much as I have.

    I bought a thumb/wrist bracey thingy from the pharmacist's which was reasonable and he did give me some advice.

    Tilly is right though seeing an OT woudl be far better in teh long run.


    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx