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Those of you who are paid up members of Arthritis Care probably, like me, got your new-look magazine yesterday. What do you think of it?


  • suzygirl
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    I liked the recipe, as I really miss baking. My hands hurt too much, so it was great to see this kind of issue addressed.
  • barbara12
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    SW I am embarrassed to say I am not signed up..and haven't heard of the mag... :oops: so I will go and subscribe right away... :D so that is your good deed for the day and mine come to that ... :D
  • gretta
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    I got my copy of the magazine too yesterday. Think it is really good, lots of interesting articles. The chocolate cake looks easy to do, going to have a go at that.

  • mig
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    I also got my copy of the new mag yesterday,I also liked the recipe pages,the fashion was very good ,though a little pricey for people on a budget,i would like to have seen footwear for people who have trouble finding comfortable affordable footwear as well,maybe this could be addressed in the future.On the whole an excellent magazine . Mig
  • dachshund
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    Hello Stickywicket
    yes i have my copy it looks interesting i've only had a quick look through.
    take care
    have you seen in the sxx paper the picture about cricket names.
    joan xx
  • anniek
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    Got my copy yesterday loads of good reading and loved the cake recipe will be trying to make it next week :D
  • stickywicket
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    It's early days but it seems to me a lot more useful than the previous one. Even the features are about real people with proper arthritis not celebrities with a dodgy finger. I'm going to have a go at some of the exercises and I already eat plenty of oily fish, broccoli, berries and - oh, avocados! I love avocados in a green salad - or anywhere else :D

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