Hooray! - DLA Appeal Success

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Just to say I've won my appeal & been awarded DLA indefinately after several months of appealing & a home visit from the Atos doctor! There is hope out there! I was turned down outright after a doc (not mine) at my GP's told them I was 'in remission'!!! No-one has ever said that to me - I wish I was! I had to chase up my consultant as he hadn't replied to their enquiries, turned out he hadn't received any enquiry! I wanted it put on record that they were prepared to make a decision without an expert opinion & that got things moving, that & the threat of a benefits advisor who rarely loses his cases!
To anyone else in the same position please don't let go, that is what they want, keep on with your appeal & seek professional help from the CAB or a benefits advisor. Be prepared to do some of the legwork & please, please never doubt yourself!

Happy Purple


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    Congratulations Purple!!!!! That's terrific and I'm very happy for you!
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    Congratulations purple, I am so pleased for you I will be going down that road in a couple of weeks time, in my correspondence I got back they are more or less saying that consultants are only there to diagnose not to say whether a person is fit to work or not, mine said I am not fit to work at any level, they try and get you every way. That must be a weight off your mind................Marie xx
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    Well done ,that's great news.Mig
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    Well done purple!! I'm still waiting for a result from when I sent my forms off!! Feels like I've been waiting forever! They really don't give a damn that your life's on hold because you need to know if you have a fight on your hands or not and how much it stresses you.
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    Good, it is worth pursuing these things. I heard a report on the radio yesterday that ATOS are to lose their contract with the government thanks to the shemozzle they are creating with their shambolic efforts at assessments. DD
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    Brilliant news purple..I am so glad you have posted this...like you say it will give others hope
    Its disgraceful that Atos didn't even get in touch with your consultant...x
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    Thanks everyone!
    As an aside my OH used to be a decision maker for DLA before they closed his office & made him redundant 6 years ago!! He correctly 'decided' my award level back in February & was appalled and angry at the level of service provided!


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