Ice packs

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I have been told that putting an ice pack on the affected parts will help. Is this true? :?:


  • dreamdaisy
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    It depends on what sort of arthritis you have. If it's an auto-immune involving hot-to-the-touch joints then yes, they will help. If it's osteo then usually heat is more beneficial. DD
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    I find ice packs wonderful for swollen joints. Some people prefer heat, although it's not advisable to put heat on hot, swollen joints. I'm an ice sort of girl, find it very soothing. :)
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    Think DD is right about heat for OA. The only thing which really helps me is a warmed wheatbag, which unfortunately in this weather is definitely out, but fine when it is cooler.Beryl
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    Before my TKR's (required due to OA) I couldn't get out of bed in the morning until I'd "iced" my knees for 20 minutes each (thank goodness for a hubby willing to go get them!). The physio suggested heat would help more, but heat made the pain worse. So, maybe I was just different, but ice packs helped me considerably pre TKR, and still do when they're feeling a bit "throbby". I managed to find some quite large (nearly a foot square) gel filled reusable ones that call themselves physio packs (that's not the brand), that can also be microwaved and used as heat packs. They are plenty cold enough after only 40 minutes in the freezer, and as a tip for anyone with knee problems - I hold them in place with tubigrips.