New cooker

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It's arrived .There it sits in my kitchen all gleaming white and chrome,I don't want to use it I want to keep it in its pristine state BUT we are having grilled gammon and mash with tinned spaghetti for tea I will probably wipe it afterwards but I suspect that won't last long.
I must commend John L***s their delivery ,installation and taking away of the old one was first class and two very nice polite young men who fitted it and talked me through using it (its not rocket science ) but they have their job to do. Mig


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    Hmmmm. How's about wrapping it in cling film and then cooking? That way all you will have to do is peel off the film. :wink: Seriously hon, get stuck in. It's a useful bit of kit and, if you start as you mean to go on then keeping it clean won't be too onerous. Believe you me, the novelty will soon wear off. :( DD

    PS Take a photo before you sully it!
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    You enjoy mig, if it is like my new kitchen the novelty will wear off in about a month.....................happy cooking...............Marie :D xx
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    Hee I remember it well..a new shiny enjoy Mig..
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    We had a new cooker 5 years ago and I clean it after every time I use it. In fact a Hotpoint engineer called to repair our washer recently and remarked that we'd had a new cooker in the last 6 months. But but was the same cooker we'd had all them years earlier. They're worth keeping clean I reckon.
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    Happy new cooker. When I get a new kitchen appliance, I clean it after every use for a few weeks then once a week then less often, although I do give it a quick wipe if I spill anything. Yes it does wear off.
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    I dont really like cookers :lol: .. me arm still bares the scars from colliflour cheese a crusrtt croc pot and a hot oven ,But happy new cooker and just be careful getting to know it :) (((())))Marrianne x