I looked at the sun and turned into a tomato!

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I am cross with myself but also quite surprised. I know I'm sun sensitive due to my medications but this takes the biscuit.

I had a fab day at a county show yesterday, so spent a fair bit of time in the great outdoors. It seemed a good opportunity to increase my low vit D too. It wasn't hot by any means; I still had jeans, boots and cardi on! Also, with my RA raging away, I spent quite a bit of time chilling in the various tents. Anyway, by the time evening crawled around, my entire face was tomato red as was my neck. Ooops! :oops:


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    Oops indeed, but being a cup half full kind of girl I'd suggest when it settles you'll be an attractive shade of honey brown that others will envy! :D , seriously though, thanks for the reminder that we all need to be mindful of the need for sun screen and a broad brimmed hat. I use a simple moisturiser with an in built sunscreen which seems to help, and got a new sunhat today more in hope than anticipation of some sunny weather to come :?

    Deb xx
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    This is going to make me sound terribly vain and believe me, I'm not but I look awful in hats. I have tried many, many styles and I fail to look anything other than ridiculous. However, I am planning a winter sun holiday later in the year, so I think I shall have to make do. :lol:

    It's raining again here but if the sun comes out, I shall be armed with factor 50. I now have a small bottle in my handbag.
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    It's so easily done :roll: The occasion I remember vividly was watching a cricket match where there was about 90% cloud cover. When I looked in the mirror next day the left side of my face was bright red and the right pristine white.