An experimental purchase for the shower rooms.

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We have had new showers, toilets and basins installed so I was researching toilet brushes because the old ones are not that lovely to look at. :oops: Our toilets are a new design, they are rimless so far easier to keep clean; even the seats and lids pop off for thorough cleaning. :shock: We are also having a water softener installed so scale will no longer be an issue.

The more I looked at brushes the more I thought they weren't that applicable then I came across a silicone blade, housed in a neat sheath which can be stuck to the tiles. Floor space is limited in both rooms so this may be a good solution. They were around the same price as better-quality toilet brushes and stands (in fact cheaper than the ones I was considering). My reasoning is that they are probably more hygienic and easier to keep clean, there's no base to topple over so we'll see. I'll report back in due course. :wink: DD


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    DD I think I saw something similar..silicon with little nobbles on that clean the loo..and it was impregnated with silver for hygiene..I love the idea of the lid popping off...toilets seats are the bain of my hard to clean under the fitments... :roll:
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    Please do report back. I hate cleaning toilets but they have to be done and have to be done to a certain standard so anything that helps would be good - that sounds like an excellent solution
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    It sounds very interesting and less awkward for arthritic hands to wield.

    LV, I believe they reckong there are more germs on the average keyboard than on the average loo seat. And, looking at my keyboard, that does make sense :oops:

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