Thirteen years ago today: 9/11 Where were you?

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Thirteen years ago today was the day 9/11 the twin towers fell to
Everyone must remember where they were when they heard the news.
My wife and I were on holiday in Cornwall and wondered what all the fuss
was about. We turned on the tv in the hotel room and watched in horror as events turned out.
Where were you?


  • mig
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    I worked as a school cleaner and started work at 3pm I was just listening to the news before I went out and stood with month open watching it on tv when I got to work I was told the towers had collapsed. RIP . mig
  • barbara12
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    We were in Eastbourne on holiday ...our only holiday there and we came back to the hotel and switched on the TV only to see a plane sticking out of one of the towers , so we thought it it was an accident..only to see the other one hit...even now its sends shivers down my spine... :shock:
  • mamasmurf
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    My youngest son was 17 at the time and came home from work to find me watching it on tv . Never forgotten his words , " wow , that looks good ! What film is it ? " . He was horrified to find that it was real life .
  • rondetto
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    The worst tragedy I've ever seen in my life.
  • stickywicket
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    Chapel Allerton Hospital for 3 weeks intensive physio, x-rays and med change.

    My husband and son came in asking if we'd heard the news so someone switched the TV on and patients, visitors, nurses and cleaners watched in horror. Unreal was the only word for it.
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  • LignumVitae
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    In my bedroom writing up my MA dissertation because I had an extension being newly diagnosed with 'something wrong with my finger joints'. My parents had flown to Washington the day before and I spent lots of that afternoon fielding calls from concerned friends and relatives. I flew out to Baltimore on the first flight out of Manchester a week later. My Dad was supposed to be working out there and I was going to keep my Mum company. As it was, his work was cancelled because nobody could fly to the meetings. We spent time in New York and it was so sad, there were missing posters of people everywhere and candles and just this hush over the city which was so alien to a place like New York. It was very much a city in shock and mourning.
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  • Slosh
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    At work in school. No radios on and pre smartphone and Facebook days so we were totally unaware of it until the caretaker came back on shift in the afternoon.
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  • mellman01
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    I'd been out canoeing and got back and there it was all going on it was insane, I also notice the BBC news page on the web has nothing about it at all I wonder why?.
  • rondetto
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    They're more interested in the Scottish referendum than any other news.
  • Starburst
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    I was 13 years old, on a 5 month school exchange in Israel. We were in a lesson, then someone shouted that something had happened and we needed to come quickly. We watched it on a tiny TV in the school admin office comforting a friend whose parents were in NY at time for a wedding. Being in Israel we weren't strangers to a delicate political situation but given our ages, I'm not sure we quite realised the magnitude of 9/11 at the time.

    My thoughts are with those who lost loves ones.
  • tkachev
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    I think the 2nd plane had just hit the 2nd tower when I turned on the TV. I usually always check the news early in the morning but I was much later than usual. I don't think I really took it in at first.
    I watched as the 1st tower collapsed and I was stunned. It seemed to happen in slo-mo, like a action replay.

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  • theresak
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    In the Channel Tunnel on route to France. We stopped for something to eat at a restaurant not far from Calais, and watched the pictures unfolding on TV. When we first walked in we thought it was a film. Horrible.
  • bubbadog
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    I was at home watching a Movie and when it finished I saw the 1st plane hitting the tower and I thought that was a film and I couldn't take my eyes off the telly and I remember my OH coming home from work and he thought it was a film and we both sat there not being able to take our eyes off the television.
  • Kitty
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    We were sitting out in the garden. Our then window cleaner (son in law of one of my then neighbours) was up his ladder when his wife rushed round to tell us something had happened to the twin towers. We went to put telly on and watched horrified as events unfolded and the second plane hit. :shock:

    Remember it as though it was yesterday.

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