I'm home from paradise!

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I'm baaaaack and I had the most amazing holiday in Sharm El Sheikh. I had some amazing new adventures; I swam with dolphins, I went parasailing and I snorkeled in the red sea. :D

The weather was beautiful and I am slightly less pale than I was when I left. I know my RA meds make me sensitive to the sun and it was hot at 28+ degrees, so I was careful. Not careful enough unfortunately as on the morning of day 3, I ended up with an IV drip due to low blood pressure and general feelings of 'yuck'. The doctor was wonderful though and within 12 hours, I was back to my normal self.

The food was incredible, as evidenced by my waistline! I'm back on the wagon today. I chose the hotel because it was accessible and the staff were so kind and accommodating. They ran around after me, ensuring I had everything I needed and I didn't have to lift a finger, even though it's my legs that are the problem. :lol: The place was just so beautiful, very peaceful and relaxing. I felt like I was in paradise and my only complaint is that I should have booked for longer.

Back to work tomorrow to save up money for my next holiday!


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    So glad to hear that apart from the IV thing you had such a great holiday. You really deserved it and it sounds as though you made the most of it.
    As you say back to work tomorrow and it sounds as though you are already planning your next adventure.
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    Glad you had a great holiday Sophie apart from your wee blip, you totally deserved it, let's hope your next adventure is even better. Xx
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    Wow girl! When you go for it you really go for it I'm delighted you had such a great time. And now you know you can do it so start saving for the next :D
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    Sounds like you had a great time, apart from the "blip," - glad you enjoyed it.
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    That sounds like much fun except for the drip. I love traveling and seeing new places and enjoying new cultures. Hope your next holiday is somewhere as good...welcome back, you've been missed.
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    What was in that drip, I ask?
    Seriously, great to know you got away, had a great time and got home safely.
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    I am pleased that it all went so well (apart from when it didn't but at least that was quickly sorted out). Now, it's back to grim reality for both of us, Sophie - we came back from Yorkshire last Friday where I had ten days of no cooking, no cleaning, no ironing and only one blast of washing. DD
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