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Hi Everyone,
Just back from the hospital.
Well quite a satisfactory appointment.

I had a cortisone injection 6 weeks ago and it was about see if it had worked or not....I've had so many other injections that didn't work :(
My main problem was my left {fractured side} pelvic bone....If I put any pressure on it, it was agony. That is the favoured side for sleeping on and even if I managed to get to sleep on the other side I soon rolled over and woke up in agony....quite a few times in the night.
Since that injection.....first 3 weeks nothing!!! wonderful. Slept on that side every night.
Last 3 weeks.....still slept on that side and no pain but it was sore when I woke up....lasted for about 30/45 mins just like OA.
I told him in detail how it felt. He was had worked the way he hoped it would. He said come back in 6 weeks and he would do another one if it was necessary.......he didn't want to do too many with me having I may not need it.{in 6 weeks anyway}
I mentioned that I was in the middle of acupuncture with the physio before my THR then this fracture happened and nothing more was done. He said make another appointment with Kristen and if I needed a referral he would do another one. {that's for my back.} So I've got that sorted.

The other thing I don't think I mentioned was I go to the Gym...Healthy Life......2 weeks ago around the top of the leg {left one} it was very painful and stayed like that for about 3 days......not the usual muscle pain.....where your body shouts....What are you doing to me :lol:
He said try it again but go slowly on it ....not medals for that.....if it gets sore again skip the next session and try again.......if it keeps happening stop that exercise but it shouldn't.....that should strengthen it.

I think that's about it......I'm sure your glad...... if you managed to get to the end of my ramble :lol:



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    That does sound like a more positive appointment, Hileena, it's about time you had one of those, yes? :wink: I suspect that it's not as positive as you might have wished but it would appear that you are doing all the right things so stick with the plan, girl, I reckon you're doing OK. DD
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    Hi DD
    Yes its a lot more positive than I have had recently
    I'm happy with it

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    Hi Hileena,

    Glad the appointment went well - we all need a satisfactory outcome now and again!! At least he seems to have a plan sorted for you.

    Tezz x
  • hileena111
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    Hi Tezz

    Thanks......yes its good to know something is happening....even if its only another appointment in 6 weeks time.....OA....we don't see them very often at all so that is good

    As for the acupuncture......just a matter of him writing to Kristen and referring me again for acupuncture....then Kristen making an waiting for his appointment and also the 6 week one from Mr Asaad.....who is lovely......Frog {Toni} used to always refer to him as my lovely consultant. :lol:
    Mr Asaad usually comes into the room I'm waiting in to see him and calls me in by singing "Come on Eileen" :lol: for those of you that remember Dexies Midnight Runners :wink: He obviously does

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    About time you had a more positive appointment, glad there is a plan in place.
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    Hi Hileena,

    I'm pleased that you had a satisfactory appointment :)

    It's good you've had some relief from the pain around your fracture and I hope your next injection will ease things again – if you need it this time. I hope acupuncture and the next session at the gym are useful too.

    I wasn't aware of pop music until my mum and I started watching Top of the Pops in the late 80s, but I remember Dexys Midnight Runners from my dirty disco days :lol:

  • hileena111
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    Hi Slosh and Phee..
    Thanks for the support.

    Well the acupuncture helped other times......once a week for 6 weeks was the length of time and then about a months break and another 6 weeks.
    I found that for the first 5 days I wasn't pain free {this is my back} but the pain was a lot less ...and the 2 days before I was due another lot it started to get sorer.
    I thought that was a result......I don't expect pain free.....just less pain :wink: So here's hoping it works the same this time when I get an appointment.
    Glad you remember Dexys Midnight Runners :lol: Its good to have a consultant with a sense of humour

    Love hileena
  • GraceB
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    Great news Hileena. Always good to get positive feedback from hospital appointments. Let's hope that the injections continue to give you some relief.
    Take care,
  • hileena111
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    Hi Grace
    Thanks.....I'm glad he thinks that way......the fracture will never heal so lets hit the pain and see what we can do.
    Lets hope it works......I don't really want an other one as early as 6 weeks again but if needs be.....well!!!!!!

  • mig
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    Sounds positive,onwards and upwards.(((()))) Mig
  • Megrose489
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    Sounds like a positive appointment, Hileena. Fingers crossed that things continue to improve for you.

  • LignumVitae
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    Hooray, that was a good appointment, let's hope things continue to be good for you.
  • stickywicket
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    I'll echo that :D You're clearing doing a lot right, Hileena. Why does that not surprise me :wink:
  • dachshund
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    Hello Hileena
    i'm pleased you had a good appointment you needed that.
    what do you go on at the gym.
    take care
    joan xx
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    Glad you had a positive appointment Hileena lets hope for some more xx
  • hileena111
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    Hi Everyone
    Thanks once again for all your support

    Joan you asked what I did at the gym.......this is a referral by the GP to a Healthy Life scheme.
    They started me on a bike {don't know the name :lol: } but its the one where your legs go and your arms go as well.
    Then onto the walker
    Then back on to a semi recumbent bike
    Then quite a few exercises standing and some stretches before leaving.
    I think I said I had a pain {3rd week I think?} around the top of my leg.
    Not arthritis pain, not an ache like muscles after you have been doing things you aren't used to.
    So I skipped a week and asked the consultant......He said the cycling movement should do any harm but TAKE IT medals for going faster. :lol: Try it once more and if it hurts the same way skip the following week and try it again and if it hurts again that's it for that I must pop in and speak to the trainers before Thur when I'm due to go again and see what they say. They are at the stage where they are making my exercises a bit harder {cardio work}

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