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Hi everyone,

I had severe arthritis in both ankles that got so bad either replacement or fusion was the only answer. I had my right one done about 3 years ago and its been perfect, however I had my left one done in November and still get a lot of swelling and pain in it on say 3 days a week. I went to see the surgeon and he said in 6 months the screws may need to come out, I haven't heard of this before and was wondering if anyone on here has had this happen and how long it took them to recover and what it was like?


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    Hi and welcome to the forum. I had a fusion op on my left subtalor joint on 5th January this year, my ankle is still swelling up although I have hardly any pain in it, it's more of an ache than pain. I have read about the screws been taken out if they are causing pain after about a year or so later, it said that they can be removed and the holes that are left just close up. I Carnt remember the site I looked on but try googling it am sure you will find something about it. Am pleased you have had no trouble with the right foot that you had done, I hope mine will cause me no trouble, it's lovely at the moment to be able to walk about without been in pain with every step!
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    Hello and I don't think we have met so welcome form me
    This must be so scary for you, I think the only way to put your mind at rest is to call your consultants secretary and ask for another appointment, to have a chat about what they intend doing and what it involves I have done this with my back ,and the secretary was lovely and didnt mind one bit..I do wish you well with it...