Really, really enjoyed the...........

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edited 12. Aug 2016, 23:30 in Community Chit-chat archive's synchro diving tonight, but two questions:

1. Why do the divers wear such tiny trunks?

2. Why do they have such a small, handkerchief-sized towel for after their dive?

I'm not complaining about the trunks, but compared to the swimmers there is a huge difference so there must be a reason - easier for the judges to spot perfect alignment/technical merit?

As for the tiny towels - the bigger and fluffier the better : one of life's luxuries, a huge, soft, fluffy towel!!

Just wondering.........


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    Oh same Theresa It was brilliant i was on the edge of my seat ..think there was just 3.4 points in the trunks... :shock: I was thinking the same...great minds and all that.. :lol:
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    The tiny trunks are a bit of a puzzle. I thought men liked us to believe they required extra large :?

    As for the towels – I hadn't noticed but, as they all make straight for the showers, I'd have thought all would need similar sized towels though, admittedly, divers are very soon back in the water.
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    They hit the water at quite a speed so need to keep everything in one place also while they twist and somersault. I've read that smaller trunks are better for this purpose.
    I'm not sure about the towels but they usually only wipe their faces and hair after a dive. I'm sure they use ice fluffy towels after the competition.

    I did notice they take the towels up onto the diving borad and then chuck them down for when they leave the pool after a dive so maybe carrying smaller towels and throwing them is easier .

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