R.I.P John Noakes

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Former Blue Peter presenter John Noakes has died at the age of 83.

Remember his famous "Get down Shep"

R.I.P John


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    So many memories of watching him and his exploits on Blue Peter (I grew up watching that golden team of John Noakes, Peter Purves and Valerie Singleton/Leslie Judd) and then on Go With Noakes. Health and Safety was different in those days...remember him climbing up to the top of Nelson's Column?
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    He was my 'Golden Age' of BP presenters, Mondays and Thursdays are still my days of choice if something has to be done twice a week. I, however, preferred the silliness of Crackerjack. :wink: DD
  • Slosh
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    It's Friday, it's five to five, it's CRACKERJACK!

    Loved it best when Leslie Crowther was the host
  • Kitty
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    It's sad to think his last days were spent in the mists of dementia. When he went missing some months ago, then found in a pipe, or storm drain. Very scary time for his family. Also remember him breaking down on TV when he announced the death of his beloved Shep.
  • frogmorton
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    "Get down Shep!!"

    Gone, but not forgotten.
  • barbara12
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    bless ..they were saying that he was truly brave in real life and help a record for free fall for a novice...with his beloved Shep..

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