My Icarus Moment.

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It happened on Sunday. Some of our oldest friends were hosting a BBQ starting at noon and I decided that walking to their house (around a mile away, without using the rollator but taking it along for a sit down) was a good plan. As you may recall I've been working with a Personal Trainer, albeit for not very long, but felt that this was achievable.

I achieved it :D and boy, don't I know about it. :( I did not factor in the high temperature, idiotically didn't wear any kind of knee supports, had two sits (not too bad) and finished the walk using the rolly thanks to a short but steep descent. I also completely forgot about payback. :lol: Icarus aimed for the sun, I aimed for a house a mile away but the journey was equidistant. :wink:

I was over-confident but don't regret doing it. I know where I went wrong and will do things better next time - and there will be many next times. DD
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    What a silly thing to do, but then i'm guilty of such things (even though my OA isn't so advanced) and over doing it, only to suffer afterwards.

    A memorable one, was when visiting the Lake District in glorious weather, I accidently got off a stop early to Ambleside, and thought to myself "it's such a nice day, i'll walk it". Well, it was a good 20 minute walk and had to stop atleast twice, and practically collapse in a cafe with tiredness. On the upshot, it server very nice paninis and tea :D
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    No regrets but just lessons to learn for next time, eh? I think it's totally possible to feel a sense of pride for a great achievement whilst metaphorically kicking yourself for overdoing it. Regardless, you are a wise woman and you do know your limits and I know you'll continue to make great strides...and great rolls. :wink: Rest up and let that body recover.
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    Well done DD.

    One should never stop chaffing at the bit..

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    Wow! A whole mile :o And without walking aids :o

    That's fantastic! And to Hades with the payback :lol:

    I hope you toasted yourself when you got there. (I mean with a cooling glass or two, not on the BBQ :wink: )

    Well done AC's own Icarus :D
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    Wow! Get you. That is an amazing achievement even if the pay back afterwards is less than amazing.
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    Thank you for your replies, they are much appreciated. Having been on at least one stick since 2002 this represents a huge shift in my perception about my abilities. Things are considerably worse than they were then but so what? I knew I could cover short distances unaided but finding out I can go further is somewhat exciting. :)

    I am not seeing my trainer for a while due to other stuff going on but I will carry on with the unaided walking over short distances, the stretches, sit-ups and the other exercises she has given me. Wish me luck. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben