For about 2 weeks now I have had pain in my jaw and am unable to open it any wider then a thumbs width. Has anyone else experienced this at all and have any advice on how to get this back to normal? Thanks!


  • Sharon_K
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    Hi Liv20

    I have found this link for you that might help

    I also have a painful jaw that I can only open wide enough to fit an olive in. Mine has been like this for ages now but it would be good to ask your physio and GP as they may offer some suggestions

    Best Wishes


  • Airwave!
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    I’ve had the same in the past, it tends to happen when I eat on one side more than the other I.e. more wear on one side and the wear becomes uneven. At present the issue is my teeth going through my cheek and tongue, seems to be the same cause but several years in advance.

    I used to get by the jaw getting stuck by slowly opening my jaw wider until it freed off, sometimes it got stuck wide. I’ve seen my gp about it, he referred me to my dentist who said she couldn’t help, like so many things we put up with it’s a matter of just putting up with it.

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    I've had this problem with my RA still comes and goes now..used to effect me quite badly a few years ago especially when I was trying to eat. Then the pain would run into my ear and into my neck giving me a terible headache. To be truthful and not sure if this is the same for others, but I've told my rheumatologist dr the same I've got so used to pain now Ive sort of just get on with now. I would of just used parcedemol for this pain although it didnt do much except dampen it down a bit and just wait more or less for it to go away on it's own..could take up to a month before it settled though. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful I know how much pain and annoyance this must be for you. Hopefully it goes away soon. Good luck
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    My jaw has been the joint that has been the most affected by my JIA over 3 years, my mouth opening is severely restricted, incredible pain 24/7 and sounds in my ear from my jaw joint. I received surgery last year for my jaw which flushed out the joint with salt water and I received a steroid injection which neither helped and my arthritis has gotten incredibly worse. I definitely recommend you tell Your doctor everything about the pain and discomfort in your jaw as they should be helping you receive the best treatment and support possible. Having your jaw affected everyday day of your ongoing life is the biggest strain and it can mentally break you which is why you need as much help as possible as I have seen what could happen if it is left untreated.
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    If its a joint it could be arthritis, quite a few on here have had issues with their jaw not opening wide due to issues with RA and other kindsmof arthritis. People associate arthritis with knees and hips but it does affect other joints too. My jaw aches because it is so often clenched in response to pain. DD

    PS It's probably best not to say lockjaw to a doc as that is another name for rabies and they might get totally the wrong impression.

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    It happened to me once I had had jaw pain for a few weeks then one day cleaning my teeth it clicked and stuck like yours almost shut :( My tongue also went odd for an hour or so but soon recovered.

    I took painkillers and nsaids (especially before bed) and it resolved over time.

    Saw the dentist (coincidentally-hah! Coincidentally!) who tried to sell me a mouth guard in case I was grinding my teeth in my sleep, but rheumatoloy later on confirmed it was likely the arthritis.

    Try a warm wheat bag on your jaw too?

  • Lornaloulou
    I had that when I were 17 the pain were so painful I went to the doctors about it then they sent me to the rheumatology department and I had X-rays done it turned out I needed a tmj implant because my arthritis tore my muscles so I had them replaced
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    Thank you for that Lornalou

    TMJ means temporomandibular joint for anyone who is interested. Here is the NHS information:


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    Hi Georgiax7 I also have quite severe jaw pain (only on the left side) which has been ongoing for almost a year now. I can't remember exactly how it started, as I feel like all I've known is the pain I now have. I have had botox to see if the pain was muscular, which it wasn't. Then I had an arthroscopy at start of March to flush out joint and take a sample to see if there is any rheumatoid factor in that joint. Now covid has come along and I don't know when I'll have a follow-up appointment.

    Is your jaw still in pain, if so, how do you manage with pain?