4th Covid booster Jab ??not yet needed??

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Reports in the press today of the 4th booster jab not yet needed. (read edit below)

so where does this leave us immuno suppressed who have already got an appointment for the 4th jab or like me who are expecting it in the next 7-10 days.


just goes to show, no two reports are the same and this is how mis information is spread.

this is from bbc news: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-59915560

Meanwhile, extremely vulnerable patients with impaired immune systems are still advised to have four shots overall, rather than the usual three, to be fully vaccinated.


  • MrDJ
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    so a happy ending after another fiasco.

    saw rhumy consultant on wednesday. told i need the fourth jab. infusion in 10 day so will have to cancel and reschedule for a couple of weeks later. also not to stop 20mg methotrexate which i took yesterday

    after seeing consultant i went to our staff vacination centre in hospital. around 30 staff just sitting around and not one person in the queue. said it had been like that for weeks.

    explained about fourth jab. they said i can only get it with the letter from the nhs which has still not turned up for me yet even though on the nhs website it says all imuno suppressed will receive a letter by 10th january which will include a pcr test for when needed. still waiting.

    contacted 119 and they couldnt help as they said their computer system had not been set up for fourth jab yet.

    rang gp. they said just go to any walk in centre and they will do it without the letter.

    went yesterday to my sister hospital and that only had around 10 patients waiting. spoke to a doctor and was given all clear to have it without letter.

    finally 4th Phizer jab done.

    roll on 5th jab.

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    I rang my GP as I'm due a 4th jab from Jan 29th onwards. They said they hadn't arranged clinics yet but would notify me a week in advance. I too hadn't received a PCR test so I rang 119 on Friday and after a few minutes Q&A they said they'd send one out. This was Friday afternoon. I received it Saturday morning. I also agreed to undertake antibody tests. They're sending one out this week and another in three weeks time.

  • MrDJ
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    Glad to hear you got a backup kit sent and fingers crossed you hear soon about your 4th jab.

    still no pcr kit turned up yet. will give it a few more days then ring again.

  • MrDJ
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    quick update.

    still no letter or pcr test received yet.

    phoned 119 yesterday. they knew nothing about sending out pcr kits so said i need to speak to my gp.

    phoned gp and was told the same thing. ring back monday and make appt to speak to a doctor.

    so the merry go round continues.

  • scotleag
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    I'm now receiving a SECOND PCR kit, having been chosen at random to be invited on to the REACT study run by Imperial College.

    On 4th jab, despite two requests to GP surgery, I haven't received a date and unfortunately lost the letter (from last October) saying my third was part of primary treatment, not a booster. As I was 14 weeks since my third - one week over the 'qualifying' limit - I took a chance on Friday and booked online for the following day AT MY GP SURGERY.

    I reckoned that as they had all my medical details they weren't going to turn me away because I couldn't produce an almost four months old letter. Imagine refusing someone who met all medical criteria a vaccination because they'd lost a letter! I was right. I was asked for this letter, told them the truth that I couldn't find it. Nurse then checked my medical records and gave me the vaccine.

    What a relief.

  • scotleag
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    And after writing that comes a text from my GP saying they've booked me in for a fourth jab a week tomorrow! I'll let them know that it should now be on their records I've already had it (it's on the NHS app) then they can free up the appointment for someone else.

  • MrDJ
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    Luckily my GP records show ive had mine but Ive just received an email from nhs.gov saying i need to have my fourth jab urgently.

    I actually had it on 15th January at NHS hub so my records should also show that on the nhs database.

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