Chronic tendonitis

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I was diagnosed with palindromic arthritis many years ago. My biggest problem is that my mobility is compromised because of chronic tendonitis to the hamstrings and inflation in the pelvis (tuberosity joints)

I have tried Hydroxychloroquin and Sulphasazaline but I was allergic to them. After reading about methotrexate I gave that a miss!

The only things that ever works for me are very high doses of ibuprofen or steroid injections or prednisolone.

I would like to hear from others who suffer with tendinitis and how this is managed please?


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    Hi @D38davenport,

    Welcome to the online community :)

    I'm sorry to hear what's been going on for you. Hopefully you'll be able to read more on others and their experiences. In the meantime, if you've been referred to a physiotherapist or to a pain clinic for further support? - If not, you can ask your GP to refer you. This way you can explore further ways to manage your condition and symptoms. I've linked a few pages below for you to read through, I hope you find them useful and helpful.

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    I have tendonitis in my groin immediately following hip surgery (ie as soon as I came round from anaesthetic) in the psoas tendon, which you use when lifting your knee. We've tried guided steroid injections and PRP injections (see NHS article) but they had no effect on me - I'm seeing the ortho surgeon next week to see if there's anything else they can try. It started immediately after surgery and 2 years later hasn't subsided, and it's really limiting. They're bewildered as to what caused it.

    I also have more acute tendonitis in my foot after straining it 4 weeks ago, which has just got worse and worse. My physio advised rest and ice packs. I'm now on Naproxen (and Omeprazole for my stomach), which finally seems to be helping just a few days later. I was using Voltarol gel and the ice packs on it, but can't say it made much difference. But then my body is a drama queen and will only behave when I throw prescription drugs at it.

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    I have tendonitis in pretty much all areas, (Hamstrings, Cruciate ligaments, Achilles, etc) on both legs.

    What I've found works for me is a deep tissue massaging gun. I've raved about these devices on many other posts here before. I like run it up and down the tendons and backs of my knees to relieve stiffness and aid suppleness, it's particularly good when one of the tendons locks or goes into spasm. Ice packs or bags of peas wrapped in a tea towel help with the pain and swelling. Other than those, a TENS machine comes in handy when I just need a break from the pain.

    Hope these might help, just a thought...


  • Thank you Jon. I see a physio monthly fir deep tissue massage but didn’t know about a massage device. Thank you I will research. Are you on any medication?

    Thank you for your reply. I haven't tried naproxen. Will look into this. I fear because I have had it for 6+ yrs the tendons have thickened where they attach to the tuberosity joint in the pelvis. It’s like sitting in a peg!!!! Hope the surgeon has some answers for you.

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    Hi D38davenport,

    The only medication I take is Naproxen and Omeprazole which is more to do with reducing inflammation and to the best of my knowledge has no or little effect on my tendon/muscle pain and stiffness.

    I smear on Volterol 12 hour gel and Hemp cream which does help me somewhat, as does Acupuncture but some members report adverse reactions. I'll pop a couple of co-codemol before any vigorous activity or if I'm having a difficult day but it's a last resort as it can cause addiction and constipation.

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    In fairness, the naproxen hasn't made any difference to the problems with my psoas tendon, which is now a 2 yr old injury associated with my THR, but it did help the immediate inflammation of the injured tendons in my foot. Probably better for injuries resulting in acute inflammation rather than chronic injuries.