Supplements for osteoarthritis

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I've recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and would like to know which supplements work - and which don't, in your experience.

I'm currently taking glucosamine with chondroitin, plus fish oil and turmeric, but really don't know if they're doing any good or not. Are they a waste of money?

Also there is a lot of conflicting info on the Internet so you just don't know what to believe.

I've read that taking boswellia serrata and hyaluronic acid are beneficial, would anybody agree with that?

Thanks so much, I'd be very grateful for any advice on this.


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    Hello @PurplePolly  and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    The following link may help......

    There is so much out there but on a personal note I take glucosamine and vitamin D again like you not sure if it helps but I feel like it does.

    Never heard of boswellia serrata and hyaluronic acid so would have to research myself.

    Take care @Naomi33

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    Hi @PurplePolly,

    It's a good question you ask because there's a lot of choice out there in terms of supplements and I think it's a case of trial and error because we're all individuals with differing types of MSK conditions which affect different parts of our bodies. Some supplements are proven to work (such as Turmeric and Boswellia), some appear to do nothing and some make symptoms worse. I found that Glucosamine & Choindratin,Cod Liver Oil and Green Lip Mussel Extract made me feel awful, could be because I've no cartilage left in either of my knees. OThers report very positive responses though.

    Whatever you decide to try, give it a good month before passing judgement. Also be aware that some supplements such as CBD can clash with prescribed meds like NSAIDs and Co-Codemol so do your research carefully.

    Alongside supplements, diet is something to hone in on - Omega 3 rich foodstuffs, green leafy veg, onions and garlic have known anti-inflammatory effects. Olives and Olive Oil contain a substance with properties very similar to Ibuprofen.

    Hyluronic Acid is supposed to help with lubrication, seems to work in my case and I also apply FlexiSeq gel to my knees to reduce the crunching and grinding.

    Good luck,


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    Hi hope every body well

    I have joined because I suffer from severe pain body due to fibromyalgia along with Co existing medical Co ditions I want to meet people like me and make friends learn how to cope with my condition and improve my function and social life and if possible contribute to the organisation cause

    I am 61 yr old woman retired from work on health grounds

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    Hi @ailsa133

    Welcome to the online community,great to see you posting already.

    You write that you severe pain from Fybromyalgia along with other medical conditions and you want to meet others from the same condition and so improve your life and others aswell.

    You are in the right place because that is what this forum is for to chat to others and try to help when we can.So do go onto our forums and talk to others who can reach out and to you aswell as you reaching out to them and help one another,Everyone will understand what you are going through as we all have various forms of arthritis and other relating illnesses.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    All the best Christine

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    Wish you do well & good luck.

    May I ask where is your arthritis area, thumb, knee, else?

    I like some supplements you mentioned. Currently I am using supplement cocktail, and it works well for me for now, and it saves me from a surgery.

    I come to this site, to find out others' experience with supplements. And try to narrow down my list of supplements.

    Yes, it is true that everybody might be different; however, we also share some similarities. Supplements/medication work for someone, and it might have a chance to work for me. That's what I think.

    There are not many discuss so far. Let's see how it goes.

    Thank for sharing information and experience.


  • Hi David C

    Please let me know which supplements are working for you.

    I have OA in my hips, knees, hands and probably left foot.

    Many thanks