Free cinema tickets for people in receipt of DLA

Alice's mum
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I was quite surprised to learn recently that people receiving DLA are entitled to a CEA card which gives free entry for a carer at the cinema. Thought it may be useful info for those who are not aware. Here is the link.


  • julie47
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    How thoughtful
    thank you
    gonna down load a form
    juliepf x
  • suncatcher
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    Thank you Alices mom I wondered about this before and wondered how disabled you had to be. if you look at me they would say nothing wrong with me. I just get low rate dla X JOANNE
  • Alice's mum
    Alice's mum Member Posts: 21
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    Pleased the info was useful. x
  • tjt6768
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    thanks for this.. Looks good, will check it out soon..
    Be well.. :grin:
  • barbara12
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    Thank you so much Alices Mum...that is very helpful...I had know idea you could get this card.
    Barbara x
  • janie68
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    Thnak you for the tip, I will be doing that today.

    Janie :grin:
  • speedalong
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    Hi ALice's mum, had heard of this before and not followed it up, thanks for reminding me. I should get one for S.

  • theresa4
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    Thankyou alices mum this is really helpful. I cant get up and down the ramps and stairs in the cinema without help so have to have someone with me although rarely go this might encourage my hubby and I to go more often as its so expensive nowadays.

    Moderators : Could do with a helpful tips and offers thread at the top with things like this as this will soon be lost.

    thanks again Alices mum

    Theresa :grin:
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    I have changed this to a sticky as per requests, as it seems to be a useful thread for lots of peeps,

  • cestmoi
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    Thanks for the prompt: I too meant to look into it and forgot, but downloaded it now. Shame cos ended up going twice last week - first time in months as well!! :roll:
  • tiggernut
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    That's great thanks for the link.
    Not that I go to the cinema often but it's so expensive that's a handy saving.
  • Rictina
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    Thanks for sharing.
  • Jennycg
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    Thanks for sharing although I am not entitled, I have forwarded the link to a friend who will find it really useful.

    Best wishes

    Jenny x
  • suzyq
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    Thanks for this, I can take my daughter for free now.

  • silverbirch
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    Someone asked earlier if you needed to look disabled to get these free cinema tickets, my husband has a heart problem ( Cardio Myopathy) so he dosen't look disabled but has DLA, could he get a ticket, we haven't been to the cinema for years, but would enjoy the outing.
    Thank you.
  • Alice's mum
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    If you get DLA you can apply for a CEA card. If you click on the link it will give you further details. You pay £5 for an annual card and can take someone with you to the cinema for free. Hope that helps.
  • mig
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    just downloaded the form.i dont get dla but my husband does,he had a stroke 8 years ago,just a little confused does the person who gets the dla get in for free or is it just the carer.Mig
  • Alice's mum
    Alice's mum Member Posts: 21
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    The person receiving DLA can take someone for free. hope that helps.
  • tkachev
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    My sons card came through the post yesterday, It is £5.50 now. we will be off to see Cars 2 this weekend.

    Elizabeth x
  • Dannyboy
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    wow, i've only been on here 2 mins and already I know how to get a free cinema ticket.

    thank you so much, Alice's mum. I had not heard of this before.
  • Ankyspond
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    Hi all,

    Got my card today, whoop!

    I also put some other tips on another post about help when going to concerts, queuing etc have a look see if anything that may be of use. xx
  • annstar
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    Thanks for this - i never knew! Considering cinema prices are extortionate nowadays this will be a hug help :)
  • Crazeybones
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    Thank you Alice's mum, I received my Cinema card today, no hassle at all applying for it. I didn't even know it existed until I read your post and was so pleased as when my daughter comes home from Uni she takes me to the pictures as I have no one else to go with so this at least will encourage us to go more as its so expensive. Thank you so much. :smile:
  • hels78
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    Thanks for the tip. I have just filled in my form and was wondering how quickly they arrive. I know its says 3 weeks but wondered if they came through any quicker??
  • jillyb1
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    Just wanted to say thank you for this information , got my card a few weeks ago and have been to the cinema once a week since ! It's good to get back to doing all those " normal , everyday " things again . Jillyb

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