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  • Mike1
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    She could be related to JR in Dallas - Jills Ewing! 😁

  • Hi,

    I just got diagnosed after 7 years of trying. I have been told so much rubbish from my previous doctors like "you're too young to have arthritis" or "it's not in the right joints" or "everything looks normal". Finally found a doctor who listened to me. My diagnosis and bone scan got delayed thanks to covid-19! But I'm due to start methotextrate as soon as I have had my blood test. Can't lie, I am so scared about the journey ahead and feel so alone. My partner is so supportive thankfully but literally just turning 20 and having this diagnosis feels like it ruined all my plans. :(

    However, trying to remain positive, just started my second year at uni studying biomedical science and maybe I'll end up helping research a cure.

    Any tips or any advice would be so greatly appreciated, I am honestly worried about what is to come.


  • Ellen
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    Hi @Charlotte_C

    I can understand how you feel to be diagnosed after years of insisting something was wrong and at 20 must be a lot to take in.

    You don't say which type of Arthritis you have been diagnosed with, but as you are due to start on Methotrexate, (MTX for short), l am assuming it's some sort of Inflammatory Arthritis.

    This is certainly worth a read some of the emotions you are experiencing are talked about here:

    Well done for continuing with your studies maybe you can d some Arthritis research when you are qualified🙂

    Please do join in and chat to people this is a very supportive community.

    Best wishes


  • Sharonmc
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    Hi so glad found this forum was thinking I was going mad with some symptoms, have not long been diagnosed with palindromic rheumatism, and ost,arthritis in hands been given methotrexate hoping to get advice and help 😁

  • Ellen
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    Hi @Sharonmc Good to meet you and welcome you to the Versus Arthritis Online Community. I'm so glad you have found us too🙂 I see you have recently been diagnosed with Palindromic Rheumatism and have Osteoarthritis as well.

    I am attaching a link to a thread on the subject earlier this year:

    You may already know all this, but just in case:

    Do join in the forum wherever you like you are assured of a warm welcome

    Best wishes


  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Sharonmc

    If you've been 'going mad' with some of your symptoms just ask and us lot will tell you if it's normal and if we have any tips to help.

    Good to meet you

    take care

    Toni xx

  • Patrick
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    New today with a diagnosis in the last month of osteoarthritis in both hips, aged 56.

    After a 25 year rugby career and 40 years of fairly physical full time employment I have been floored by the diagnosis. (Wrote it off a year ago as aches and pains that rather than going away, gradually got worse)

    Currently undertaking physio and taking prescribed cocodamol for pain relief. Told i am too young for hip replacement.

    For the first time in my life I feel vulnerable, as the pain some days is rough. My mobility is seriously affected and work is becoming difficult. I was wondering how others dealt with these matters.


  • CCM
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    Welcome to the forum, @Patrick. I had trouble playing rugby for 25 minutes!

    You have received an unwelcome diagnosis of osteoarthritis in both hips, after a year of living with worsening pain. You will find many on the forum with similar experiences. Here are some links to other sites on the website.

    I wish you luck. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.


  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Patrick

    Now I can't claim to have been a rugby player myself, but I do understand Arthritis. Unfortunately my own which consists of inflammatory and now Osteo types, but also Avascular Necrosis in my own daughter (as a result of chemo and dexamethasone for 2.5 years) Rt hip LT shoulder.

    She had hip surgery at 18 and a new shoulder at 19 so age is not as relevant as they try to make us believe.

    Best thing you can do is what you are doing. Physio exercise and keep your weight down eat well and don't smoke (if you do). Eliminate all obstacles to future surgery.

    If you haven't already had one a steroid injection might be tried into those hips of yours. There is a pretty standard route and obviously any replacement joint will have a time limit on it's life span. Revisions are more complicated and may not be as successful as original hip replacements so it's understandable 'they' put them off as long as possible.

    BUT we are individuals which needs to be taken into account by the medics and will be so long as you do your best and are reasonable with them and persistent too.

    Keep coming in here too this community is great and should help to make you feel far less alone and vulnerable.

    Take care

  • Charlotte_C
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    Thank you so much! It's Psoriasis Arthritis :( really sucks!

    I'll definitely read that article!

    Thank you so much!

    Best wishes


  • Hi everyone,

    I am 32 yo female and I'm feeling lost and hopeless. If I knew where lightning would strike, I'd be honestly standing in that spot right now.

    Three months ago I started having this knee pain which was light at first and then got worse with time until I went to my GP and he ordered an MRI which revealed I had severe loss of cartilage with barely anything left on the inner side of my knee. I had never had any knee problems and I'm generally very active - going hiking in the Alps every chance I get.

    Now I can't do anything - on sick leave at the moment. I can't even go outside without feeling like my bones are being crushed under an immense weight afterwards, so that I get panic attacks even thinking of going outside now. I manage to walk around my flat and that's about it.

    Basically, my life is over. And I don't get it... I was perfectly fine three month ago, running around like I'm 18 yo.

    I don't know what I'm expecting from you, guys... Maybe get an advice from people with the same problem? How do you cope? Is there anything I can do? My orthopaedist suggests PRP. But what's gone is gone, right?


  • Anna
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    Hello @DenialSubroutine and a warm welcome to the online community,

    You’re in a great deal of pain and have been diagnosed with severe loss of cartilage in your knee - I can understand how shocked and upset this is making you feel. Most of us on this forum have experienced that same feeling when we’ve been given our diagnosis, and it takes some getting used to, but you will get used to it and things will be ok again. I am sure other members on the forum will be able to tell you how they cope and offer some suggestions for self help - we’re a very supportive group and have lots of good ideas.

    Do make sure you talk to your doctor and your orthopaedic consultant - they should be able to start you on the proper course of treatment that will help you. PRP has only just started being used in some NHS hospitals here - are you writing from the UK or from somewhere that uses it more regularly? It is available privately and evidence has shown that it can help with the pain. There are all sorts of other treatments available though, and that’s why it’s important to discuss your treatment with professionals.

    Meanwhile, you might like to have a look at the Versus Arthritis page on osteoarthritis of the knee - at the end it suggests some ways that you can manage your pain:

    Please keep in touch and let us know how you’re getting on, and if you’d like to talk to someone, you can always call the Helpline - they can’t give you medical advice but they offer a listening ear as well as information and advice:

    Kindest wishes,

    Anna : )

  • Thank you for the warm welcome although I believe it's not a place anyone would want to find themselves in anytime in their life.

    I'm not from UK. From Germany actually and PRP is, as far as I can tell, widely used in here. Alas I will have to pay for it myself. But, well....

    Anyway, I'm going to look around here.

    Best regards,


  • Trishgem
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    Hi there,

    Have been to Gp today after putting up with pain and stiffness in what feels like all my joints for the past 2 years. Have had MRI recently for terrible knee pain in right knee as sustained a degenerative torn meniscus 3 years ago and it showed OA of the knee too. Are you managed by your Gp for OA or is there any other team to manage you ?

    I used to be very fit and active and at 56 I now feel like an old woman . Symptoms all really started at 52 with onset of menopause. Is this going to be my new normal ? Does Naproxen help the pain ? I only have taken paracetamol and ibuprofen so far but not effective.

    I am hoping to get some support from hearing other people’s stories on here as I just feel like osteoarthritis is ignored and people just put it down to the aches and pains of aging and expect you to just keep getting on with it. 😔

  • Shell_H
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    Hi @Trishgem, welcome to the online community!

    You've been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and you're wondering what happens now.

    OA is managed by your GP, no specialist I'm afraid. You can ask for a referral to a physio for some personalised exercises and treatments, and you can ask for a referral to the pain clinic, who can advise on medication and management of pain.

    GPs place a lot of importance on exercise, diet and not being overweight. There is a lot to be said for not being overweight, but it's difficult to find the right exercises to do with painful joints. Have a look here for exercises for your joints to manage pain - the stronger the muscles are around the joints the less strain is put on your joints, which can help lessen pain.

    Naproxen is a medication which helps reduce inflammation. While OA is not specifically an inflammatory arthritis, inflammation is a side effect of the irritation caused by OA, so reducing inflammation does often help for OA. For more information on the different painkillers look at this link, Naproxen is an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug)

    Do have a look around the rest of the forum and join in with conversations. Everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful, so don't be worried.

    Nice to meet you,


  • Good evening my names Glenn and I was diagnosed with PsA a year ago and I have gone from not been able to lift my arms and legs and struggling to dress to going back to a half normal life through taking my weekly and daily meds.

    I habe never spoken to anyone who has the same as me and I try to keep it all to myself by not burdening my problems on anyone else but I would love to chat to people who can relate to me on my own personal issues.


  • JohnS
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    Hello. I'm new, first post. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck around six years ago. The last twelve months the pain has severely increased and now 24/7. I was refereed to Tyneside Integrated Musculoskeletal Service in March, the day before we went into lock-down. The consultant explained she would like a new scan to see what was happening but due to the pandemic they were doing emergencies only. I was given exercises to do and told to get back in touch after the pandemic is finished.

    Pain killers have little effect and I soak in hot bath nightly to ease the pain and stiffness. 

    Oh what I would give for a decent nights sleep.

  • Brynmor
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    Hi @JohnS welcome to the Online Community.

    Sorry to hear that the pandemic has held up your treatment. Have you been in touch with the MSK Service to find out what their current status is regarding scans and if you were still have to wait until later?

    It may well be worth going back to your doctor to explain the situation and to see what suggestions they have that may be able to help. Our web site has a section on managing neck pain, with exercises but also other suggestions on managing the symptoms.

    Do let us know how you get on and do join in across the Community.

    All best wishes


  • Mal878
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    Hi Everyone, thanks for letting me name is Billy

  • Anna
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    Hi @Mal878 ,

    Good to have you here - why don’t you tell us a bit more about yourself so that we can give you a proper welcome?

    Anna : )

  • I've had RA for years now and am well, the worst thing is stiffness but hopefully the Etanercept will begin working soon. I've left another forum as I felt that it was depressing. i live well with RA and do have other health issues, Cylindrical Brochectasis, Thyroid failure and Pernicious Aememia, but worst by far is an Acute Kidney Injury caused by a medication that due to a lost blood test was found in time to prevent harm. MY injury has now become a chronic condition but there is no treatment its just stay as well as I can and do and carry on. So onwards and and I never forget the superb medical treatment I've had and how lucky I am that a young RA Registrar checked my records or without doubt I'd have died.

  • Anna
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    Hi @wildflowers and welcome to the online community,

    It’s good to hear how positive you are keeping while living with many different conditions. This community is a positive, friendly and supportive one - members feel able to share when they’re feeling low or in pain but there’s usually another member around to pick them up and encourage them. I’m sure you’ll fit in well, and have lots of useful experiences to share.

    Do have a look round the discussion forums on the right and join in whenever you want to, depending on where your interests lie.

    if you’re interesting in keeping as mobile as possible, you could also have a look at the Let’s Move programme - it suits all fitness levels, can be done seated or standing and it can really help to keep you fit, mentally and physically. I’ve had RA for over 40 years with numerous joint replacements, and I find it helps me to keep my joints flexible ( it’s also fun!)

    i look forward to hearing more from you,

    Anna : )

  • EmmaHarry
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    Hi I'm Emma,

    I was diagnosed with Arthritis of the neck last year and the base of my skull is damaged.

    Amitriptyline has really helped me and Codeine when it's bad but would like to get off Codeine and go back to Cannabis, C.B.D.

  • Brynmor
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    Hi @EmmaHarry welcome to the Online Community.

    Having neck pain due to arthritis can be very difficult and I understand you have to use amitriptyline to help, which as you note also helps you get to sleep. There are also other side effects that you may be aware of.

    What sort of arthritis do you have? We have a lot of advice available on our web site regarding neck/spinal pain that you may find useful:

    Do join in across the Community, post questions and give support. Its also a great place to drop in for a chat or to let others know how you are getting on.

    All best wishes


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