I had my first fall today since being diagnosed. It was awful! My knee took the brunt of the impact and my hands the rest, falling without arthritis is bad enough but falling with it is something else! Luckily my partner was there to pick me up and I'm now icing my knee with a cup of tea.
I'm hoping it'll start feeling better quickly! What are other people's experiences with falling and recovery time?
Thanks 😊


  • Hobble
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    Hi Lex, hope you're doing ok and managing to take it easy.

    I had a fall in the bath last year where my right knee and elbow took brunt of it, mainly the inner sides. It was quite tender for a few weeks xx

  • Jules70
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    Hi Lex

    sorry to hear about your fall and wishing you a speedy recovery .

    I had a fall 8 months ago when my knee gave way you will prob be feeling tender for few weeks yet .

    Also depends on what damage if any had occurred as to recovery times .

    Try to be easy on yourself and don’t rush your recovery .

    Take care 😊

  • wazz42
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    How are you today? I hope it's beginning to improve. In my experience the day after is the worst then it gradually starts to get better

    HAve you worked out why you fell so you can avoid it in future?


  • Airwave!
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    I had a fall at the beginning of last July, my feet slipped on some green algae, I landed flat on my back and my head duly followed onto the concrete, cervical collar, spinal board and blue lights to hospital, it felt like I had been put into a metal container and shaken up.

    It was January before I started to feel better and March that I wanted to do things again.

  • Lex
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    Thank you for all of the lovely messages, it's really nice to have support from people with similar conditions!
    @wazz42 I'm doing much better thank you, the day after was definitely the worst, I struggled to move it in the morning and it kept me awake a bit in the night. Today, my knee is still sore, it's also cut and very colourful and I even managed to really bruise further down my leg in the process! It's definitely improving every day though thankfully.
    Embarrassingly, it was me not paying attention to where I was walking and fell off some uneven raised path into the road! I'll definitely pay more attention in future, I don't fancy a repeat of this anytime soon!
  • Lisbeth
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    I fell numerous times in 2020 each time I fell it was due to shooting pain in my groin resulting in my right leg collapsing and taking me down. One fall resulted in my fracturing my right wrist that was in May, then I fell in August and had X-rays as it was thought I had broken my hip or thigh. Thankfully there was nothing broken but I’m still having trouble with pain and mobility. Back at the start of last year I fell out of the shower landing flat on my back. I was badly bruised for weeks.

    I started to fall a few years ago, always caused by the shooting pains in my groin leading to my leg giving way beneath me. Two years ago it happened as I was getting up onto my horse, I fell backwards and got my foot caught in the stirrup. I twisted my foot and spent three weeks on crutches and wearing a special boot. i have to be so careful now when I’m out so I don’t end up falling again.

    My heart goes out to you all. I hope each of you are feeling okay and taking care when you are in any situation that could cause you pain.

    stay safe everyone.x

  • Lilymary
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    Oh @Lisbeth that sounds awful. Do you mind me asking why they haven’t given you a new hip yet, if it’s affecting you that badly?

    My hip is pretty awful, hoping for a new one later this year. I had so many near misses last year, usually when gardening or generally contorting myself so my centre of balance is off, and I wasn’t able to move my duff leg fast enough to regain my balance and went crashing into the undergrowth. But this has also happened in the attic, and I ended up face down in the insulation quilt and had an awful struggle to get up without going through the ceiling. If I move my leg quickly or suddenly put my weight on it the pain is horrific. I’ve just had to recognise I can’t balance any more and am much more cautious.